You Adored, Me Ignored – Ambalika

you-adored-me-ignored-400x400-imadhsnagxa7fevf120 pages and a super light read. You Adored, Me Ignored by Ambalika is a breezy story about a girl Anam who is too unsure about things that she does. A doting family that always keeps her on her toes is something that irritates her the most and she refers to them as the Clan. Constant comparison with her cousin Polly (a trait of almost every Indian parent) is something that Anam doesn’t appreciate and ignores royally.

With all this and a lot more, Anam is also unsure about where her career is heading. Having left some lucrative jobs in the dream city, Mumbai and was too hopeless about things on that front as she is currently unemployed and unmarried too. After some haggling, she found work at a film-festival and then she gets hit by another calamity Рa murder. As the story unfolds, Anam gets dragged into this murder mystery and things change for her and people around her.

Ambalika’s writing style has a flair and the book has its moment that makes you laugh out loud. You feel bad for the protagonist and there is an instant connect with her. If you are looking for a quick read, then You Adored, Me Ignored is definitely worth considering.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Offshoots, Wisdom Tree Publishers
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 100/-

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