Year 2010 for me !!

Well 2010 was one of the busiest years of my life. It opened up many avenues for me as a person, as well as professional. I learned many things from many people whom I met. The best part about 2010 was the that I had to spent all alone in my house (around 3 months). I had various experiences in those days and actually got to know that how tough it is to manage a house. There are so many thing that are overlooked by us in our day to day life. So, doing all those things was fun but dead tiring. At the end of the day, daily, I used to think that how my mom coped up with all this in all these years.
2010 has made me grow as a person too, though all the growth took place in the second half of the year. Now I’m a more sorted out person than I was. Learned many new things from various people around me and got some real good lessons from a person, I seriously look up to. Won’t disclose the name but that person is someone who in spite of having so much trouble in personal life, rose up and shined like a true star. I truly salute the spirit of that person. One thing which was quoted by that person is ” Mutual respect is something which we should have for every other person, no matter if you know him or not, but if someone fiddles around with your self respect, then its better you leave them and move on”. I really appreciate this thought and have kind of applied the same in my personal life. Another thing which I got to learn from that person is “If you make friends, then you have to accept their negatives also, as no person on this planet can be perfect”. 
I always say, that I have this quality of judging every person in the first look, but a few people proved me wrong. Won’t go into the details. In the later part of the year 2010, I was about to loose one of my best friends but someone saved our friendship and I totally thank that person from the bottom of my heart and will always be grateful. 
One thing, that has grown too much in 2010 is my straightforwardness. I have stopped thinking what people think of me, and have started doing what I like. If something fits well into my moral values, I go for it. 2010, has made me learn to back out from the things which go beyond my control. Its not that I cannot collect the things, its just that I loose my hope in that particular thing and prefer to give it up on it.
Those three months in which I was living alone made me think over various things. I analyzed myself thoroughly in those times and settled my mind on various goals which you would know about in coming times. I feel that without any proper focus, you cannot grow in any field. One must set a few goals for each year and try to achieve those with sheer hard work and passion. Though, these things mind sound a bit philosophical, but I’ve experienced all these things myself. Money can’t buy you everything. This is something which was told to me but someone really intelligent in his own perspective. I agree on that, but dude, you cannot live without money. Give it a try.

Developed two new passions in 2010, writing and tweeting. Photography is something which I would be taking seriously in future, have some plans and projects in hand, would start working on those soon. Another development is that I’m writing too much these days, but its just that I’m not sharing it with anyone. May be somewhere down the line I would collect all the best works of mine and would share it with you all. I even don’t know how many people actually appreciate my writing skills or read my blog, but whomsoever does, thanks a lot.

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  1. hi, i enjoyed your post. It is a very open and honest blog.Your experiences will reach out to others , undergoing similar things in their lives.
    Looking forward to more honest and frank posts from you.

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