Woes Of A Book Reviewer!

Before I begin this post, I would like to make it clear that I am not an established book reviewer. I started everything as a hobby and it turned into something else.  I still feel that there is a lot to be achieved in this field and I have no qualms in accepting the fact that I am not a well-read person.

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Blogging about books or the more sophisticated term for it as the world knows “Book Reviewer” is something that I never thought about. It just happened and exploded for me. I am not an opinionated person. I try not to give my opinions on everything and anything under the sun because 99% of the times, my opinions do not matter and I am well aware of this fact.

I started writing about books because I like reading and sharing my experiences with a book that I have read through my blog. When these experiences turned into my opinions about a book, I clearly have no idea. For those who have seen me grow all this while, they know very clearly that I never write negative things about a book. It has only happened thrice on my blog that I’ve given a negative review for a book just because I thought the book didn’t make any sense to me at all and that was a personal opinion. I am not concerned about how people take it and I am least bothered. I write what I want to and I will continue to do so. To take it or ignore it is a reader’s personal choice and I respect that.

A fact, which most of the critics/reviewers across the world don’t know, don’t realise or clearly ignore that it takes a LOT to come up with something creative. A lot of thought, hard-work and dunno how many hours a person a puts in to put something across an audience. It takes a lot of guts, trust me on that. And people lash out all these efforts in a couple of sentences and these same people are known as critics. Honestly, I never take a critic’s opinion about anything seriously as long as it is not constructive. Yes, there is something called “CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM”, a term which is alien to most of us, specially critics and reviewers. And being a mere mortal, who is a nobody, I always try to be constructively critical about everything creative I see or read.

A couple of days back an acquaintance told me that a publishing house has blacklisted me because I wrote a negative review about their book and they won’t be sending me any more review copies of their books in future. I found it extremely hilarious. Laughed my guts off and told the person it doesn’t matter to me. I can always buy a book published by them if I want to read it but honestly I am not interested in reading a book in which clueless, hopeless teenagers make out on every second page.

A very established book reviewer I met at Jaipur Literary Fest told me to go selective about the books I read and review on my blog and I think, it’s about time I start doing that. It doesn’t matter to me if a publishing house is sending me a review copy of a book or not, I can always buy them and no one can stop me from doing that and I think I am going to do exactly the same in near future.

If you are sending me a review copy of your book or published by you, please make sure that you are ready to accept whatever I think about your book. If you cannot do that, then please do not take the pains to send it across or even write to me. I am not here to flatter or impress anyone and it would be always like that.

I hardly used to refuse any book review requests but now I have started doing that. If something doesn’t interest me, I am not up for it. It was never about how many books I read in a day or how much I read, it is and will always be about what I read. If you get my drift.

8 thoughts on “Woes Of A Book Reviewer!

  1. As I said, decide what genres interest you and read/review only them. Reviewing is not the priority, reading is. I buy more than the review copies I get. You are very much on the right path, and an honest reviewer needn’t bother about anything 🙂
    Again, good riddance 😉

  2. Blacklisted for negative review! which publishing house is it? Your space, your thoughts!! They should publish better books if they want good reviews instead of blacklisting reviewers.

    Anyway you can now be more selective in what you review henceforth. Keep your reviews coming with the books that hold your interest. 🙂

    • I would avoid taking the name of the publication house here. Though I completely agree with you. An author and a publication house always know what they are putting across and they should be ready for people’s opinion about their stuff.

  3. Reviewing books that you like makes reading fun..and a review in any case is supposed to be critics take..one cannot compel the reviewer to write a review the way they want.

    Yatin, what I like about you is how you are unapologetic about who you are! That is how it should be! I second you on this one…

    Way to go!!

  4. I was nodding in agreement with all that you have written here 🙂

    Though I have just began reviewing books on my other blog, I can still relate to some of the things ,mentioned here in this post!

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