Why Are You On Twitter ?

So, as usual, a blog post coming out of what I experienced on twitter. The beauty of the place is it never disappoints you regardless of the fact that what you are looking for. During my 3+ years of life on twitter, I have done shit loads of stuff including maligning people and in a way the place has helped me to grow mentally, intellectually, socially and in plenty of other ways. 
So, coming back to the real motive behind this blogpost, I thought lets do a survey on twitter, that why people are actually here and I just tweeted “Why Are You People On Twitter ? #SeriousKoschan Answers shall be RTed.” and got a response from my followers and while RTing all their tweets, I thought, it shall make a fantastic blogpost. I am still looking for more answers and shall append more answers to my question to this blogpost, if you feel you want to share why you are there on twitter, just fill up this simple form

Got pretty wise answers, interesting and witty ones too, that I’m sharing here.

@MizGossipGal : Talk, gossip, rant, crib, smile, share and make memories, know the people and be away from the stupidity of Facebook!
@Marwaari : It was around 2009, I discovered twitter. Initially I was just a silent watcher by my old handle @sharadbjain . I was more into FB, later twitter grew on me. I realised, I can be me here. Nobody judges you, and if anybody does, It doesnt bother you. I got Honest opinions, a medium to my thoughts, few sacred souls, few trolls, few friends and lots and lots of well wishers. May be my followers know may better than my family and friends now.
@Chethanbp521 : For the same reason that you are here for.
@Oinkoo : Hum to twitter pe aate hai taaki tumhe dekh sake #Devdas
@ThatPungiDude : To improve my wittiness quotient.
@NikitaJadhav : Dusra koi kaam dhandha nahi hai, isliye.
@FieryBull : I’ve got no idea 😛
@Absolute_Purple : I am on twitter because it helps me connect to people who are interesting and whom I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Twitter is also a punching bag for me where I can crib, whine and rant. Last but not the least, twitter is a diary for me where I can write anything and everything. An open diary which can be read by anyone. Twitter is also like going to a party where initially you don’t know anyone and are lost. But with time, you get to know and meet interesting people. By the time you leave, you take the conversation forward with some. These are my observations and what I’ve experienced over the years. P.S. I have also made a film on twitter. (That is something interesting)And the film happened because of twitter. Also, all the people were sweet enough and agreed to be a part of the film :).
@Chaalaku_Masi : cos facebook kicked me off & I dint want to log in to myspace again. NO, I was kidding 😀 twitter is my ‘dear diary’. And I love sharing my whereabouts here 🙂
@Happy_Default : For me its an outlet, place I rant and speak out whatever I feel.My whole family is on FB. To nurse my broken heart. I needed to talk to people who dont know me and wont judge me.
@ChhamakChallo : i am on twitter coz only here i can talk about pushup bra and thong. 😉
@hbm11 : Its a time pass thing. We can be famous in a night. And lastly, we can make friends here. Directly v can contact celebrity,  And even for me, i can tweet my frustrations, and share my happy moments too.  I m frm a small town, and got to know many things from twitter, sometimes shocked, lucky. Easiest way to know about the world.
@Siddtalks :Because I can talk free and can empty my mind,heart and soul.I have kept my relatives away from Twitter for same reason.
@TheSlumDawg : To Learn. 
@rok_moosick : Mujhe sach me nahi pata main yahaan kya kar raha hu. Bas feel aa rahi hai :D.
@Dinnair123 : He supported @Siddtalks ‘s  answer and said he doesn’t even tell his relatives that he is on twitter.
@The_Mental_Bwoy : FB pe puri family POKE pe POKE karti rehti hai 😀 and waha pe Twitter se thodi zada Fuckery hai jo jeli nahi ja sakti 😀
@Jayashripradhan : The whole point of Twitter is to say what’s in your mind. and believe me, sometimes I don’t want my relatives to know such a thing 😀
@DimaagKaDahi : To share Thoughts/Smiles with Strangers whom I wud hv Never known Otherwise. Frnz Here cud Fuck me Alphabetically unlike Real Life frnz who cud fuck me Economically/Emotionally, n i can’t even Block them. To b Honest,It feels Good n its Quite a Consolation To find out that I m not the alone Asshole in this Entire World. @Hbm11 supported his by saying that “True for me too. Only ‘Block’ and ‘Report Spam’ buttons are missing in real life.” 
@Sritika : I’m on #twitter ‘coz i love to talk… and there’s always someone here who listens to me 🙂 Also..I have a 1400 odd reach here.
@BayhoshBK : becoz you and Juni are my best frds on ths TL. Am here becoz of u and Juni @juneymb
@YoYoMishraG : Bored from Facebook Trolls, Farmville requests and likes. Twitter gets me updated with news,jokes,my type people and #Bakchodi
@Ishaqzaadi : bcoz at times its easier to face strangers than real life people 🙂
@RowdyRanter : I am on twitter becoz I am an introvert seriously….jitni baatien main twitter pe aap sab se share karta hun utna to kabhi khud se bhi nahi kar pata….par twitter mein rehkar meri soch 140 words mein Simit ho gayi, kabhi lagta hai aur kya bolun isse zyada aur kabhi lagta hai…abhi kaha hi kaha maine kuch, baatien jo itne saalo se sunta raha aakhir wahi to badbadaya yaha….Filme dekna, naye dost banana, nayi jagah ghumna….in sab ko ek side mein rakhte hue…sochta hun to twitter ki duniya ajeeb hai, par main bhi iss duniya ka hissa hun, aur socialy to main bilkul bhi active nahi hun auro ki tarah, fir aaj aapke iss sawal pe pata nahi kyun mujhe likhne ka man kiya, aur jaha tak mere Twitter pe hone ka sawal hai to uska jawab hai mera Umeed….warna mujhe to apne aap se umeed nahi hai par aap sab se hai…!
@Aptrivedi : #SwearAnswer Keeps me up with current lingo (outside profession) & see myriad ways people react to same thing!
@AbidZaidi1 : Jab physically beemar : Bistar ; Jab dimaghi beemar : Twitter
@DreamyDipz : Cz its a break away frm serious life hvn answers to all my koschans.. :p

@AwesomeAshwin : it’s only place where i can keep my opinions without giving a shit to what other have to say.
@OutdatedModern : To share my opinion and to connect with world.
@SomeBirdie : Okay so when my mom asks me to eat less so I can lose some weight and some prospect groom can like me, I want to reply to her with all my angst and frustration but I can’t. So I tweet. When I go through a betrayal in a relationship or a tough time in life or career, I want to vent my feelings. So I tweet. When I want to talk about certain stuff that people in my real life would judge me for. I tweet. Because I don’t care who reads my tweets. I don’t care what they think of me. I don’t care if they unfollow me, unlike people in my real life. I will be hurt if my real life friends unfriend me on FB or stop calling/sms-ing/meeting me after getting to know my view point on certain issues. I don’t care about that on Twitter. So I tweet. I want to be free like a Bird on Twitter and if people like what I share, they become friends else don’t bother. That can’t happen in real life. I may be scared of opening up so others don’t form a bad opinion about me in real life. But I am not scared on Twitter. So I tweet. Twitter gave me friends who respect my views, my actual views on issues and not my pretense. So I tweet. I have found a new face of me, which I was unaware of. A girl who is free, who does not bother about anything. If she likes maggi more than tofu or sushi she tweets that. Let people call it a ‘middle class mentality’, who cares! I LOVE MAGGI! I am on Twitter, what I want to be in real life. And slowly I have learned to be that girl in the last 3 years on Twitter and so… I tweet.
@AgarwalNaina : Timepass Bakchodi (Bakchodi = Crappy Talks)
@DMysticFille_ : To get over my previous addiction, facebook. And now I have a new one, twitter. 😀

@Vevisia : I became active here when I was on bedrest during my pregnancy and since then have got used to it!

@Bindaas_Kudi : My biggest problem in life is I talk a lot and I have sincere friends who listen to me, some even sleep on the phone and start snoring when I cant seem to stop (which I am not proud of)..but, this is 1 place I found which restricts me to keep it to 140 characters and not only that I need to make sense or I lose followers. So basically, twitter is one place I can share my joy, my sorrow and I know someone out there will RT ya atleast *hugs* toh milenge..isliye! Meri bak-bak + my super friends is my reason of presence on twitter =)

@Aagan86 : I have nothing better to do 🙂

@therevkid : I’m here cuz I wanted to be retweeted!!

@Forever_Tarun : because of @aagan86. He replied to one of my earliest tweet and I became addicted since

@aNikhilTiwari : I came here cause that tweet bird logo on my bb looked alluring..

@PartRhymer : Well. To be honest, i started a twitter account to promote my then website, webketu.com, way back in 2008. I didn’t get much a hang of it, until the late 2011, when i started taking my music stint, on a rather serious note. Come to think of it, twitter has helped me a lot. Gaining some exposure. Making conversations with real time musicians, artists. Heck, a few of them are my idols. Like, DJ Drama, Jay Electronica etc etc.  It’s been a crazy experience and would want to keep myself involved in, making the most out of it.

@OyeUjuOye : Initially I was as clueless like others..but later I started liking the entire concept of talking my mind aloud. Secondly I have a problem of thinking a lot….like really lot. When I am on Twitter..I dont tend to think. It relaxes me. I find peace in these nonsense talks. So ya…I continue to be here for my own selfish reasons.

@MihirBijur : To share some smiles & pain. We all need it 🙂

@ItsJyoti : I made some interest in twitter when i saw @sachin_rt joining twitter on newspaper, journey started via Snaptu, the best twitter apps i hv ever seen/used. i felt good to be away from known friends on fb, got some RT from @Sunidhichauhan5 gave me more interest in tweeting.
in overall i really care about all i m interacting with. I am here at twitter to talk endless, to share my mind freely with you people, which makes me feel good.

@ManojG7 : To enlighten on Cons of marriage ! To share crude jokes and DM awesome pics & get to know new people and Rant about married life as can’t rant in front of my Mrs as I am scared of her & express my love for #savitabhabhi

@Aawara_Mann : to empty my mind, and also to learn something new from others experiences.. 😀

@SundarDuttaMyth : I am here,on Twitter – to know the mind-reflections of World-community & to express my views .

@PatleeKamar : Started as an experiment. Still an experiment.

@Ruminativa : to read news and know the latest, to have fun, rave and rant, test my writing skills, and just to be in touch with the world through their thoughts.

@Mahan_Vykati : #bakchodi #bakchodi aur Sirf #bakchodi ke Liye :p

@DevilPoonam :  I m here.. coz i live my life in a way i want.. & express my feelings.. without thinking about anyone..or anything..

@Rshrikanth05 : To enlighten others of our collective stupidity.

@Vivekisms : Twitter started off as something childish. I did not know that at one point it would come to mean what it is today. I am on twitter for some people. Yes strangers, who I have never met but hope to some day. Strangers who I have met and who have become friends. Strangers who I have met and who continue to remain strangers. But I am on Twitter primarily to interact. As most people would deny, I love the attention. It serves an underlined shallow purpose sometimes. It makes me feel good like all of us to some extent, but that’s where it ends (though we would not like to admit it). And at the same time, it is also about acknowledging people’s existence, their opinions and showering some with attention, when truly deserved. Yes, I am on Twitter because a lot can be said in 140 characters.

@RashiNaresh : Doesn’t matters if one has a whole world filled of b’ful people around,  one always looks for a space sometimes where you are never bothered by anyone and don’t wish to bother someone else either. I guess for me this was it. Its been a great dais to express myself partially, bring up the conversationalist in me, a time killer sometimes and fun ofcourse. Its a stupendous collection of emotions, opinions and some wonderful people. Sometimes the virtuality of it is quite sickening too, but then there  are pros and cons to everything.Its actually Twitter which thoroughly allows me to follow the phrase – LIVE AND LET LIVE! 🙂

@0__1 : First joined to forget the pain from my accident wounds.. then continued to forget pain caused by #mYeX… then continued to forget pain by office…. Now here to forget all my pains and give others pain.. Painful journey nai? 😛

@iSocialOutcast : joined twitter for iPhone 4s event launch updates, realised everyone is an ass here, just like myself. Tweeting since then, without any motive.

@Shakti_Shetty : I’m on Twitter because I can at least pretend to have a life here — something that’s almost impossible to do offline. Also, because tweeps, in general, are awesome enough to spend their time on something that doesn’t yield anything significant in return except selfless humour and a sense of collective loneliness.

@Dr_Whatsun : I made Twitter Acc somewhere in mid 2008. it took me almost 3 years to become active on it . I regret that . Really i missed so much fun being on Twitter. Almost everything i get on twitter ( Even crush also 😛 ).. Thanks to twitter , now a days i log into Facebook only to check whose bday it is :D:D

@iRajeev_ : May be because i get all the information what i want exclusively on twitter.

@BeSharmaji : Because fb became a jail. I feel free on twitter.

@ChiragArora : I don’t tweet much,seldom i tweet or reply like m doing today. Can’t waste so much important time of my life tweeting,not.judging its good our bad..but I know if I start tweeting m going to waste a lot of time, its cook as a reader.I’m here mostly to read..sometimes humour, access to lot of interesting stuff from TL,blogs,strips,etc. And ya when I see my mobile in the morning to read tweets,I get to know what I am going to read in the Newspaper 😀 . Best to read traveling or potty wala time. 🙂

@CoffeeGrams : Let me answer in 140 characters: I joined Twitter because my imaginary girlfriend wanted some company. Today I have imaginary friends, brothers and a fan too.

@TheRaviKeshri : I joined twitter to talk to some amazing tweeples and myself. The other reason is to feel that I am also exists in this world.

@NashiliAnkhein : I am on Twitter because it provides a connection to people who I may have never met by just attending in person events. Initially i didn’t knew what exactly people do here, later I discovered an entire community of people, particularly web savvy tech folk, who I converse with on almost a daily basis. I also use it to communicate with some of my friends, although it’s not as popular as Facebook. I also use to get 90% of my news. Indeed its a great advocacy tool for spreading awareness about a cause.

@HitlerBai : Me on twitter since jan this year, came in outta curiosity ended up addiction ( yeah the same old everyother guy’s story) All I am here for is just to see the smiling, corruptionfree, stressfree, healthy, happy, creative, loving, caring World ! To serve my nation ! To have fun ! To make fun ! To learn ! To churn ! To Do ROFL ! To LOL ! And to troll.

@KismiBar : Well, I learn from so many people around the world! Then, on top of knowing about them, I can go and meet the people that I’m talking with all the time. It’s a great way to walk in and “know” so many people around you. I’ve only been on Twitter for a short amount of time. Everyday I’m learning more and more from people. Also… Twitter allows you to build connections with interesting and relevant people around the world who are working and talking about topics related to your interests. 🙂

@TheCoffeeKhor : To connect with people & make friends. Sometimes rant. Yes Twitter thought me to rant. But overall, its just to get know people and make friends & yes I have made some good friends on Twitter.

@justMadhusmita : because it’s easier talking to strangers and be acknowledged. And it has paid off.

@AngrySurdd : prime reason was bored of facebook.. but later realised twitter is way ahead of fb.. helped me made new friends and will alwaz cheer u up.. this ‘virtual world’ is actually good.

@triptoes : Frankly speaking, i don’t even know, why am i here 😛 Maybe Coz life isn’t much hard here & when you’re Nocturn, they act as a time pass. 😛

@MeethiChhuri : Okay. Finally. 😛 I am a person who gets bored very easily. So first I got bored of Orkut and shifted to Facebook and when Facebook started to bore me, I jumped to twitter. 😀 It took me a while to understand what it actually is. And now, I am almost perfect in it (tweeting). 😛 Twitter improved my vocabulary. 😀 Also, I learnt to put my thoughts in just 140 characters. 😀 Never wanted any friends here but still got a few. Whom I would love to meet. 😀 And for now, I am on twitter just for the sake of timepass as I am jobless. 😀 Overall, its fun to be on twitter. 😀 Though it might fuck with your mind, still, NOT BOTHERING and AVOIDING is the way to keep yourself sane here. One more thing. 😀 Twitter is all about expressing your thoughts. In 140 characters. 😀 Chahe jo bhi thought ho. 😀 Bas tweet-te raho. 😀 Aila.. Essay likh diya maine toh.. O.o #OkBye 😛

@Phrustated : If you look closely, “Why am i on twitter?” is not one question but two- “Why did i sign up for it?” & “Why am i still here?” I’ll answer both. I signed up because i overheard my friends going gaga over how awesome twitter is and that how this platform allows you to directly interact with celebs and famous entrepreneurs and all…Sounds cool isn’t?? But that wasn’t the reason why i signed up. I was driven by my inner “Keeda” of having an account on every social networking site i know of. Yeah so it happened. At first i didn’t understand what it was all about, still i tried, out of curiosity and managed to make a complete ass of myself because i didn’t know of the rules..I had just landed from Facebook you know..but slowly i learnt, the more i learnt, the more i loved it. At first, it was all about gaining followers, but in the process i got in touch with some really nice people who became good friends, Friends whom i have never even met and i don’t know if i ever will but still i can feel the connection. That is one of the reasons as to “Why am i still here?” Lots of interesting & broadminded people out there and interacting with more and more people is something i have always been fond of. Also, i can speak my mind without worrying that anyone would judge me. Intelligent tweets, witty humor, Random bakchodi, Updates about what’s happening around the world and what not? There’s a lot I’ve learnt here, still learning and this will continue…

@TheTharkiDawg : When i was first introduced to twitter, it was for the sake of networking for my technological blog works. Later, when i started writing my poems, i got comfortable in english language. So i concentrated more on that. Now i think i should’ve done literature but that’s off topic. The reason why i’m on twitter is I see you guys communicating & using proper english with meaningful words which is helpful for me to gain the skills to put my opinion in a perfect manner. I didn’t learn english here but it helps me & thatsy i’m here. 🙂

@RealFartShady : To make friends…lol gotcha fuckers, i dont give a damn about you. here because mom dad, brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, ex-girlfriend, roommate who’s money I stole, my stupid employer and my old bozo professors are on facebook. PS I don’t know why i am here.

@LakeSideMusings : Well your post actually forced me to think that why am I spending so much time here. Why in middle of conversations and while working do I need to have a peek here? I joined Twitter to see what the hype was all about. Then it got onto me because of a few interesting people I met here. gradually it got more interesting and more people came in. I enjoy being here because I can rant when I want to, I can share the snippets of thoughts even though they don’t make sense, and just to have fun and express what I feel and when I feel. Also Twitter became an important news source and you actually learn that how people all across the globe are actually similar in many ways and different in some. It’s about learning and appreciating differences and similarities with people you’ve never met!

@Masakali_ : Well , i came here to see what people actually think to themselves . The extent to which one is open here. Somewhere i wanted to make sure that if i talk what i really think.. is it acceptable? Does a common person here understands and respects my point of view. Well i am not fibbing when i say that i don’t care. I do Care because this how the real world outside is as well. Twitter just comes with options of blocking and unfollowing which the real world doesn’t have.
Hence, To sum it all up.. i would say.. i am here to find my own self in the crowd.

@m_Salik : achche logon ki baat sunney k liye.

@rbd_sqrl : Joined because of friends talking about twitter stuff and I had nothing to contribute. Stayed on and continued tweeting because I liked it here. You can regurgitate thoughts here that would be laughed at elsewhere. Plus I have met people who think similarly and have the same interests. All in all, twitter is the shell in crawl into when the real world screws me over, time and again.

@juneymb : I came to twitter, because I was curious, made an account, didn’t make sense, never visited again, that was in 2009. In 2011, while watching some news, I heard about Shashi Tharoor, and his twitter escapades, that intrigued me, thankfully remembered my password, and got hooked and how, mostly because there is so much to learn there, and you can tailor it to your interests, mine being poetry, music, news, politics, and the absurd.

@fzlsammy : I found dead life here. Got to know the different side of mine which was never ever i explore.

@BloodyKamina : I joined twitter cos I had a fucked up relationship which was goin nowhere and I was tired of people making fun of comments on Facebook. I wanted to be with people who respect and share thoughts which surely broadens the horizon of thinking capability. So, I joined in as a @Stressbuster03 but soon I become to @BloodyKamina cos my world made me into one. Life on twitter is much more happier and it always gives me reason to find something different in ordinary people with whom I’m around.

@Jhoota_hi_Sahi : Joined twitter to overcome situations . .But now it become addiction 😀

@HindiPlz : मै दिन भर क्या करता हूँ…क्या सोचता हूँ सब सच बोलना था….फेसबुक में भी बोला था पर लोगों को पचा नहीं..सो ट्वीटर में आ गया अभी 50-55 दिन ही हुए है बहुत कुछ सीखना है …:)

@TheGeniusStupid : Bhakkchodi (this covers all) ! 😀

@Desdemonaous : 1.news on twitter travels faster than light. Hate reading newspapers & watching TV. Too depressing. Now I’m always updated. I know what people around me are talking about. 2. If you need to ask something people are always there to help. Experience is speaks better. There are times when google can’t answer your questions. 3. Love people here. Made some good friends. Don’t have much to talk about in real life. Its fun to hear people talking about their experiences. Also, some have got really good sense

@Dundukutty : I am here purely for some fun,interaction of thoughts,sometimes it helps me get out of the real life stress and talking to some cheers me up..But its a tough world here on twitter and there are very few who I personally came across with similar mindset.You definitely come in the category and hence I interact and we speak.Thats what i think it should be about.Smile and make others smile and have a nice time 🙂

 @SausageTangdi : Started with a small little blue bird on facebook below statuses. Joined out of curiosity. Sustained out of boredom. Later because of some odd people who keep talking so much of gibberish. Well, I can speak gibberish now. Thankyou.

@ThyUrbanMonk : This post allowed me to wait and think – ” hey answer this ..” well well!
Life is full of struggles,tasks ..blah blah… Opinions changes according to the personalities and thinkings.  you cant answer this question without living into yourselves…now dont say Hudd Hai Yaar…..philosophy maar raha hai… ;D hmm…I am on twitter not because getting a corner for timepass, nor for nonsense or searching around a girlfriend like a geek fellow in Cyber Cafes. I am here to learn a lil, a lil and a more lil… from all…. i grab up the +ve words….contemplate on em… Social Media is full of fuckery , drama..but twitter is having those persons…who are personalities in their real lives…I learn from you all !& IInd point from past months i found….to interact with lovely souls and discuss the truth of life. how to make life.. a living one? The Divine Monk…inside is all of us…i want others to find a new sense….grow up ! live up ! and thanks Yatin Bhayiya! for taking up this topic to let me contemplate on myselves where I am here….

 @Lutera_ : bhai ek hi wajah hai twitter pr hone ki,,,,,mai dusro k experience se aur nya kuchh sikhna chahta hu..

@SyrupyMonkey : I came on twitter for ranting like so many other and let’s not call them tweeps, please. Twitter, in my life slowly and steadily has become that routine which I just can’t get out of. Life has come to this stage that the first app I open is “twitter for iPhone”. I definitely did NOT come here to become a “twitter celeb” neither am I one. No doubt, being a human and a social animal like all of you, seeking good fellow animals was another reason. And I must say the writer of this blog has definitely not failed me in that field, till now. Found a good friend in him. And, I’d also like to squeeze in another line, if unknowingly I have hurt someone, I sincerely apologise and knowingly if I have then you probably deserved it. Ta!

@tequila_lips : i’m free to express everything and anything i feel…. no1 to judge.. if any, block them! And the best part is no1 from family and friends are here so i can bitch about them anytime i want… 😉 i can say twitter is my stress booster! :))

@Shkavi : frankly speaking i joined twitter to spy on my ex girlfriend almost a year ago. Later when i got dumped and became Forever alone, started spending a substantial share of my online time on twitter because i like the spontaniousness, creativity and at times the mindlessNess of the posts. I love to just troll around twitter on a boring day.

@YeHaiSparta : probably because people here are worth interacting. Social sites like facebook is now more like a MACHHI BAZAAR. I get to know what people are talking about. I get to know different opinions, all correct in their own way. Twitter really helped me out in finding the real ME. It is my way of introspection! It is simple, you like, you RT/follow and no other complications of people JUDGING you! You can tweet what-so-ever you want to without even thinking about others and yeah. it keeps me updated all the time 😀 I so wanna fuck twitter :* <3 @RoyallyFaltu : I am here to speak my mind, not caring about who listens or who doesn’t.

@Prankoholic : Because of @ABHIandNOW

@DJay_Tweets : M here to share my thoughts, make frns, follow strangers, and above all to know what others think..

@Aanchall : I am on twitter because I am peoples person and get an opportunity to talk to any number from anywhere.

@Temp_ted : Twitter started as an experiment. Now, I love to be here. Ranting unlimited. To be myself.  

@SubbuReddy : All cos of the BB. One day there was an update and I said let’s try it. This was more than 2 years ago. Initially followed all the celebrities but saw that only movie promotions happening. So I unfollowed all n followed tabloids. Began to read neww from here n gave up tv news and newspapers. GK gathering at the best. Also a few times helped me gather info for office. I follow real people who are outspoken n passionate. From extreme left to extreme right all walks of life. MY TL is a cauldron of emotions on issues. Whether NAMO or congi or yeddy. Some wonderful people but what passion towards their cause. Inbetween followed people yes made a few good friends like yatin whom I met also. One thing need to understand about twitter is that its like a beehive always teeming with life and never constant. Yes it can be used as a social contact platform to meet people but doesn’t mean u abuse or threaten here. Some one said I rave rant and shout my emotions here err better dig a hole in the ground and shout into it. Someof them have 1000s of followers but how many do interact may be ten to twenty people. Rest all strangely silent. Having followers is not that u have won a popularity contest. Its just that they r looking for u to say something about a body part so that they RT it yep its going the lecherous way too. So why am I on twitter well info gathering, meet new people some based on mental capacity and intelligence and some real gems in the real world.

@Confused_Chora :  I’m on twitter as it gives freedom to speak whatever i want without being judged also its fun knowing people out here.

@Naya_Handle : The urge to express, the urge of being understood.

@AjubaBaba : BlackBerry Purchase kiya tha..usme twitter app tha so I logged in to read news n views of celebrities n now I m addicted to it.

@Dumbolic : just to kill the boredom. Nothing more, nothing less!

 @FlyFiddleSticks : no one lets me yap elsewhere! 😛

@Funny_Leone : I am on Twitter for making my creative juice flow regularly which will help me in my stand up:) #confession

@NoSpacesPlissTo : I have no idea exactly when and how I started liking twitter; maybe it was because twitter gave me the opportunity to study and observe people, a chance which on facebook had become less available. Also the fact that the android app for twitter is much better, faster and drains lesser battery juice than the facebook app also might have something to do with it. It has been fun so far with occasional up-and-downs. People say twitter is not to make friends; or only for promoting business; or following your interests-aka stalking a person of interest etc. I go by twitter is what you make of it.

@Bedardi_Baalam : I’m on twitter because I want to interact with this world. More specifically I want to know this world.

@Vjuneesh : Can’t pin point any reason. Am anonymous here so of-course I’m not here to gain anything out of it. One fine day had logged in and started. Like the 1st Cigarette. Started without any reason but now an addiction.

@CAcheKeys : Who in real life would have paid attention for the stuff I post? Being on #Twitter is to pay tribute to those silent voices in my head, which would have never been heard. It is also a way of dealing with Life in my own ways.

@Rohwit :  you choose your company. you choose a topic. You discuss. You ‘be’. All in 140 characters! Thats why.

@Vivekpoduval : Been here since September 2009. Started tweeting for fun and to avoid my boredom as I am travelling most of the times which later became a sort of addiction. I might be one person who never tweeted some serious shits here. Done copy pastes. Pure rants and whatever double meaning jokes and other useless things. I met many people from this virtual world in real life. That were some of the best memories of twitter. I believe its a good source to share your views and ideas. Bloggers can promote themselves. Also it showed me that all the people around the world with DSLR are photographers and doctors & engineers are the jobless people in this world 🙂 A truly great experience I had all these 2-2.5 years which nowadays becoming boring for me. Cheers to all the tweeters and friends here.

@Funjabi_Gabru : i really dont know.. but whenever i feel alone i got someone to talk to here .. some awesome people i have met here.. so whenever i feel down n out i try to connect to thm n twitter is the way …  dil lag jaata hai .. waqt guzar jaata hai

@Oongalbaaz : I joined twitter when i was on complete bed-rest (after my hip replacement due to a road accident)….reason was to find a entertaining way of Timepass….later i took it seriously when i got to know that it’s indeed a great timepass….and i am still treating it as a timepass 🙂

@Roale : to be on twitter, to know thoughts of persons known/ unknown, see what really people are talking about, to express my views on any silly to important thing.

@Dheera_  : My husband introduced me to Twitter so that I could see Salman Khan’s “dil se” tweets. @BeingSalmanKhan was very active and very amusing on twitter. First year I didn’t know what the hell was twitter. Then when I got the hang of it, I realized you can’t get a better sounding board or punching bag than twitter. I am Twitter so that I can give shape to my thoughts. I don’t ask anyone to follow me or recommend me. Twitter for me is like talking to a wall. It absorbs and doesnt hit back. Its a fantastic platform for learning. You get to understand human psyche. For me, Twitter is a stress buster like my dog or driving or cooking or gardening. When I am not doing any of these, I am on Twitter. But I am not addicted to it. Can leave it anytime I wish.

@Genie_Ji : I was annoyed with my real life friends and umpteen number of useless applications on Facebook. Hence, was tempted to join Twitter to speak my mind without any baggage of being judged due to my social position. I came as anonymous here and interacted first with @iYatinGupta and instantly fell in love with Twitter. Then, I met many like-minded folks and spoke my heart out and all this without any fear of being socially judged by my so-called inner circle of relatives, colleagues and friends.

@Bindaas_lol :  I just joined having no idea about what twitter was! And to my surprise, it has become such an important part of my daily life! I love to tweet RANDOM stuff and I always wanted this kind of a place where I can actually speak whatever is in my mind! 🙂 moreover, being a TV freak I’m, I love having all TV related convos with other like-minded tweeps like me! Also, I like retweeting super hilarious tweets!

@mister_bong : Rant, Share, Quick updates, Less spammy in a way, A sense of freedom.
@GuruMaata : I came to support Anna ..& now it has become an addiction
@EsotericPhoenix : To read, be read, air my ideas and thoughts and not to indulge in negativity of any kind!
@Anaggh : To learn from a different mode and audience, so that I don’t appear a fool 😉
@Gol_Guppa : I’m here to make serious fun on the people who think they are the best in bakchodi.
@a_crazymale : Crazy me had some spare time and Twitter came as option. Initially the motive was to understand youngsters but later I realised that I could live one more hostel life…. My God and that point onwards Twitter is my Hostel with no Warden.
 @Madversity : To engage people, and to see where media is going.

@Masala_Chaai : Its really tough to answer ! But, I must say, Twitter is a Silent Companion !

@TheDeadlyBrain : Twitter is my real friend, my day ends and starts with twitter. I’m on twitter to make friends to know latest news before it hits any news racks, for fun, also my blog reaches out to people via twitter.

@BurgerrB : Initially started active tweeting to kill time as I had plenty of it then!! Gradually got addicted as it became my hideout, my haven, my place to word my thoughts. Yes, bakwaas too.

All these responses poured in by some effort and they are still pouring in.

Honestly, I myself came on twitter because at some point of time, I also had a screwed up life, it turned out to be a perfect medium where I can let my most meanest, nastiest, emotional thoughts escape out there to an unknown audience. But, with time, I’ve evolved as an amateur writer, as an opinionated person, a good conversationalist, got a few professional assignments, some friends for life and above all, a whole set of people who would listen to what I have to say. It has somewhat helped me in growing as a person too. Has taught me how to stay calm and how to be outrageously nasty with people. So, all and all a bitter & sweet experience for me and I hope for most of you out there.
So, putting a full stop to this blogpost, I would only like to say one thing, Twitter has never disappointed me in any possible way and  I hope it turns out to be the same for you.

 P.S. I don’t proof read my blogspots, so please #GrammarNazis stay away. Thanks.

9 thoughts on “Why Are You On Twitter ?

  1. It seems most people here cab be their real self in the sense do what they want to do and not be conformist.

    It also gives people relative anonymity to be judged without a damn care and without letting their guard down.

  2. Nice post. Many good answers & many stupid answers. Good to read this one.

  3. Nice collection of replies from various tweeters. Some are funny, some are serious, some (like mine) are elaborated. People have actually taken time to write to you. Nice 🙂

    Thanks for an interesting read Yatin.

  4. Different replies. Some interesting and some not so interesting. Loved @Vivekism’s reply in particular. ‘Strangers who I have met and who continue to remain strangers’. Thanks for the lovely blog post.

  5. The responses is what makes this blog amusing. Love what @viveksims had to say. @shakti_Shetty nailed it.. of course, that’s just his opinion, It’s amusing to see @ishaqzaadi and @justmadhusmita almost said same thing, though in different words. I so connected with @lakesidemusing ‘s ka view. Truth was waht @fzlsammy and @Cachekeys wrote. @Coffeegrams was just tweeting, not responding!!

  6. Really interesting article!Please take up some more topics and keep on posting…loving it ! There is a very sweet atmosphere here on your blog, it’s so good to stop by.

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