What Actually Drives Twitter ?

Please to note:
1.   The whole article is based on personal experience, observations and doings on twitter.
2.    If someone from twitter can relate to this piece of writing, then let me tell you, you’re spot on.
3.   I am surely going to quote the doings of most of the twitter users here. So, rant and rave about it in peace coz I care my arse.
Twitter, I am sure that most of the people worldwide know this name and are quite curious about it. I joined twitter way back in 2009 and ended up deleting my account coz I found it really shitty and of no use. But, someone provoked me to go live on it and I went on it with my first twitter handle @Yatin_Gupta.
In the beginning, I had no clue about this place. I was being nice to everyone and started with what everyone does, following the real life celebs. Real life celebs well, yea, like film star, news anchors etc. etc. who never bothered to reply to whatever meaningful shit you’re writing to them. Some do reply, there are always exceptions.
One day, I ended up getting trolled by a whole bunch of fellow twitter users coz I confronted them for making fun of a very serious issue (That I personally feel) now which we all call as PMS. I told those people not to make fun of it coz its something very serious and ended up getting bashed up some morons. Felt really bad and thought the place is full of sick bastards who can joke about anything and ended up deleting my account. But, to be honest, Twitter is an addiction. You just can’t run away with it.
So, I again ended up making a new account with the handle @DementedSoulYG that was purely based on ranting and raving. Well, during those days, I had a new job and there was no place to sulk around. During those days, I was dying to have a medium to communicate and to fill that empty void with full of things, to which nobody give a fuck about. And hence, a strong and I feel quite powerful journey of Twitter began.
The only thing that has stuck with me since I joined twitter is #Bakchodi. Yes, I am an honest person. #Bakchodi for different people have different meanings, but for me its about being yourself and throw whatever comes in your mind into faces of people like you’re punching them hard and leave the rest upon them. Throwing your opinions honestly and people actually accepting them or discarding them leaves a strong impact on you. Sometimes, you’re appreciated for your thoughts and sometimes you end up being trolled by a bunch of horny bastards who have an OPINION of their own. They just want to fuck you left, right and centre with their opinions and make sure they impregnate you by them.
After I got my first Macbook, I decided to change my twitter handle to @iYatinGupta and I feel that I need not explain it to anyone why I did this. (Yes, I am a whore for apple products) and ever since then, been like 11 months or something, I’ve been tweeting constantly. Yes, I have thrown shit around some 74,000 times on my timeline and yes on other’s timelines too. Got some real nice 1000+ followers (That I recently got, Yes, I am twitter celeb now #Facepalm but we’ll get back to it later)
After being such a bitch (Yes, bitch is a common word for both males and females on twitter), on twitter. I have realized that three things majorly run Twitter:
1.   #Outrage
2.   #Bakchodi
3.   #Sex
I think, I need not explain how #Sex runs this microblogging site. We have people who would give Sex Tips to others without even giving a fuck about whether one is going to try them or not. But, people who tweet about #Sex have a huge following. Well, everybody needs #Sex and I am not exception to this statement. So, that is one thing that keeps the place going 24×7. Yes, One more thing, people get laid through Twitter. This might be a breaking news for some of you. (Some have confessed to me personally)
#Bakchodi : As I’ve already stated in this writeup that how it runs Twitter. Different people, different interests and different opinions and verdicts. Twitter has proved to be a very strong medium for Social Media Marketers and they do #Bakchodi in their own way. You just cannot blame anyone.  The best part about Twitter is everyone has an OPINION and they can throw it anywhere and now it is up to you whether to give a fuck about it or not.
#Outrage : Well, Oh, Well. #Outrage is something, that has actually made Twitter what it is. Celebs, pseudo celebs run this place. If someone is sleeping around with someone, we have an #Outrage here, or if someone leaked some classified information, then again it ended up #Outrage. Many people have lost their prestigious image coz of Twitter and many ended up in a stupid war of words. We have a zillion examples to prove this statement.
If someone writes an Open Letter, we have an #Outrage. If someone #slytweets, we have an #Outrage. If someone tries to be honest, then haters will show #Outrage and if someone tries to fake around, then again you guessed it right #Outrage.
I’ve been a part of such #Outrage too. Yes, if KRK abuses someone in a bad-ass way here, everyone shows #Outrage and when Taslima Aunty said “Fuck You” to a person, when she was asked if she hates men so much, is there any chance if she is a Lesbian? or #Outrage about Poonam Pandey not running naked after India won the world cup. Oh yea, there are some other celebs like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and blah blah blah whom tweeple would like to kill or die coz they have ISSUES with why they are so popular.
The moment you press the “FOLLOW” button for a twitter user, their part in your twitter story begins. Oh, yea, there are numerous Outrages about “UNFOLLOWING” too. Yes, I’ve been a part of one recently that I’ll be sharing in the next paragraph. Some people try to play Moral Police, either they are treated with respect or are simply asked to Shut Their Bloody Trap and sit quietly. Most of them end up getting blocked and unfollowed by tweeple.
Coming back to the story that I had to share with you. Here it goes.
Few months back, I started following a not so popular aspiring writer (currently a self-proclaimed celebrity blogger) on twitter after looking at how honest and straight forward she is with her opinions. She went over the top to raise her voice and people actually appreciated her for that. Even I did coz I liked her style and more importantly her attitude. Another thing that I liked about her was, she interacted. But, with time, as she started getting people’s attention, her attitude began to stink. It Stinked as shit but as it had got nothing to do with me, I cared my arse and kept appreciating her. Sometimes, asked her to calm down and to not to take things too seriously on such virtual platforms, but the moment she Unfollowed me for being nice to her and saying that I bring negativity to her twitter timeline, that day I realized what a super hypocrite she is. Well, yes the #Outrage that it generated inside me went over the top and I started ranting and raving about her (I literally spammed on twitter coz of her. LMAO). Then I tried to find out with some other fellow twitter users about what kind of a person she is, most of them ended up telling me that she is actually here to ridicule people and which she successfully does. Everyone has to pay the price of being nice to her. I am writing all this because one should understand what kind of idiots we have on twitter who would go up to any extent for their personal issues. I could somehow relate her with Catherine Tramell of Basic Instinct and how she used people to write her books.
Yes, I completely agree we put in a lot of emotion on twitter, either or timeline or in the dark corners of your DM boxes. The place where you’re spending a lot of your time, you’d surely end up getting emotionally attached to it. But that doesn’t mean that you’d end up talking bullshit about people and whining about them for the self-generated reasons. People like her make Twitter a sick place to be in. But, at the end of the day, one must learn to not to give a fuck about such attention-seeking whores. (Whore shouldn’t be taken in its literal sense, I don’t care even if you do).
So, this one chapter actually made me quite cold towards everyone on twitter. No emotional attachments with anyone, no more groupism. Be yourself, you’re on twitter for having a good time, to learn something and you have a purpose behind you giving it so much time of the day.
The sole purpose of writing this blog was to highlight what Twitter is all about. I think, this must be getting too much for the reader to handle. I’d definitely continue this whole series of “Things I observe on twitter”.
Hope you enjoyed.
Yatin Gupta.

6 thoughts on “What Actually Drives Twitter ?

  1. Hey, informative. I say informative, coz though my account is more than 3 years old, I have seriously moved in here only this year. Things used to seem smooth and every one was lovey dovey when I suddenly noticed an uproar. Didn’t know what it was about, but guessed a bit. Not my business, I am not here to judge. Yet, I was curious. Not about what happened, and who all were involved. I was curious about — how did this storm generate in such a peaceful environment.
    Now I know. This is like a dos and donts on twitter. And the lesson, keep your good friends out of twitter, even the ones you have befriended here 🙂

    Not sure if I make sense, I think I am sleepy! but, you write well!!
    – @TequillaWife

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