Virgin Gingelly – V. Sanjay Kumar

virgin-gingelly-400x400-imadqvwftjaembfqA lot of books categorised under the literary fiction genre are not easy reads. In my opinion, they are not meant to be easy reads. A reader has got to be patient and must try and soak in what the author is trying to say through his words. Virgin Gingelly, which is V. Sanjay Kumar’s second fiction novel is all about this and a lot more.

Virgin Gingelly comes with an interesting blurb and Kumar’s irreverent style of writing made the experience of reading this book even more interesting. The story just flows smoothly and once a reader gets the hang of his writing style, he will just go with the flow. It is meant to be like that.  The writing has multiple layers and is a well crafted piece of work.

Many a times, I had to go back a couple of pages and re-read them and I am sure a lot of readers will have to do it. This book is about a writer who is angry. Angry with what people had done to his city. Angry with all the encroachment that has taken away the freedom of its inhabitants. Angry with the attitude of the people towards city’s problems. And all this anger comes out in the form of stories that swing between past and the present and what the future could be.

These stories are narrated by street dogs, housewives, elders & teenagers of  an urban agraharam near Mylapore in Chennai. And all these stories cross each other at various instances that gives this book multiple layers. The language is tough to understand first, but once you are into the book, you’d find it gritty and humorous. The fear of loss and the sense of belonging to the city comes out vividly through author’s words and takes the reader into the world of the narrator.  This is one book that requires precision reading and it will force you to go back to it again and again. There are lines that will stay with you for a very long time and you would want to visit them again.

Book Source : Market My Book
Publisher : Hachette India
Genre : Literary Fiction
Price : Rs. 499/-

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