I love travelling. Travelogues are an interesting way to tell the tale of your travel. Anecdotes and conversations, they make a good travelogue. I also tried my hands at travelogues. As I always say, I am not a good writer but still I never stop trying. I think this is what life is all about, never say never. Try everything. So here are the travelogues that I have written so far.

1. Bhangarh – Revisited : Bhangarh, as the world knows is now that is a haunted fort situated outside Alwar, a city in Rajasthan. There are many stories making arounds about the place both in cyber space and real world. The more you try to dig in about this place, the more stories surface. The place is definitely eerie. The trip happened in February 2011 with two friends and one of them asked me to blog the entire experience and I did that. Here is the link. Enjoy.

2. My Stint With The City Of Dreams : Mumbai : Mumbai, the city of dreams called me for the first time because of some official work. I went there and I experienced the city the way it should be. Met a lot of people, experienced almost everything famous about the place and blogged it daily. It was a 10 day trip and I think my best attempt at travelogues so far. Read it here

There are the two travelogues that I find worth sharing here. There is one more on which I am currently working. Will share it once I am done writing it. Till then enjoy these.

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