Total Timepass Tech Toons – Francis Cleetus

Reading graphic novels in fun and I realised it a couple of weeks back while reading another graphic novel based on hindu mythology. Though it was some serious reading, Total Timepass Tech Toons by Francis Cleetus was hilarious from the word go. And let me tell you that around 40% of the tech toons of this book can be understood by tech geeks only. At least I felt so, as some of the toons went above my head too when I read them for the first time and after rereading them I understood where it was coming from.


This was the first time I was reading a comics based graphic novel. It has 14 characters namely Loginder Singh, Emily Facebrook, Bill Googli, Spam Murphy, Linux Cooper, Mona Dos, Icon Murphy, Ram Patel, Irfan Linkuin, Cad Myers, Benny Lan, Robert Cobolo, Tweetsie Williams, Rio Dos. Did you see what the author has done there? If you cannot identify, then this book is definitely not for you and you would feel that it is based on alien communication.

This book is a collection of some 400+ cartoon strips that Francis Cleetus has made over the years on his website Its Geek To Me. It takes the case of almost everything associated with Indian computer engineers, tech support people and the latest happenings in the tech industry.

A light read which can make a suitable gift for any of  your geeky-nerdy friends who are in dire need of some serious humour.

You can have a look at some of the stuff present in the book here.

Book Source : Flipkart
Publisher : Hachette India
Genre : Graphic Novel, Comics
Price : Rs. 250/-

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