Those Ten Days ………..

I landed at Jaipur on 24th July 2010 for JK-Tyre The Monsoon Ride 2010.
Everything was in a bad shape because our track finalised for TMR-2010 got washed off by heavy rains and the localites of that area told us that it never rained so much since last 10 years.
The moment Anukraman Sir told me about this, I prayed to god, please help us surviving through this one.

There was so much to be done as the event was starting from 30th July 2010 and most importantly, The Road Book.

We had to find some new sections and stitch them up with the older ones avoiding all those possibilites where tracks can get washed off by rains.

I went on a recce myself checking the route properly and it was fine again as we fixed up many things in the route.

Then a road book check was required so we asked Mr.Yogesh Kalro, who was there for some other motorsport event in Jaipur as a chief scrutineer and was there for us as an official photographer for JK-Tyre The Monsoon Ride 2010 did that for us. Such a humble person who will always stand up for you when you need him. Hats off to that spirit sir.

He and Anukraman Sir again went to check the route and …………..Some of the finalised track again got washed off …….. WTF (It seemed like, God doesn’t want to help us)

It was like 4 days to the event and we were getting bitten by Rains Rains and more heavy Rains…..

But, luckily we managed to pull it off well and the road book was ready…..

As far as I can remember, since 26th July 2010 till 2nd August 2010 ….I had a sleep of not more than 10 hours and that too in fractions. Now one can know how difficult was it for me to pull everything off, No sleep, No Food on time and I was constantly working on some or the other thing.

But somehow everything was manageable though some officials of ours didn’t like the way I was working and not giving importance to them or tasks assigned to them.I would like to use this opportunity and would like to say “SORRY” to them if they feel offended with the way I dealt with them.

Now coming back to the event, sponsors, participants, officials, hotel staff, merchandise, and other misc things …. I was running here n there for everything.

Someone from there shouts “Yatin, I need a folder”, someone says “I need to get this Xeroxed” and similarly like this my phone was also shouting sometimes competitors and sometimes my press co-ordinator Mr.Sudesh Sharma and the PR co-ordinator of Vaishanvi Aditya Singh along with my sponsor from IRA Mr. Sandeep Kannan, everyone some or the other time was one phone with me and asking me for this and that.I tried my level best to satisfy all of them with their needs and if I couldn’t do that I’m sorry.

Apart from all these things, I had my share of work that I had to do, which was handling the press conference,competitors briefing and the most important part of any motorsport event the “Results”.

My throat gave up on 31st July morning and then my saviour was there, Ms. Priyanka. Such a nice lady who is always there to help you out. The moment she stepped in, she took charge of handling the press conference and competitors breifing and pulled it off way beyond my expectations.

You were too good Priyanka, Hats off !!!

Then somehow or the other we all managed to pull off 31st July 2010, and we didn’t sleep the whole night as tomorrow was D-day, the day of actual event.

Then again no one slept, officials kits were distributed, they were briefed about everything and we all went to the start point, where I had to help Tony Dada at the start by issuing time cards Leg-1 to all the competitors.

After the flag off, I got sometime to pull off a tiny sleep, that too got screwed deliberately when I got a call that there is some problem on the track.

Damn !!!!!!

Somehow or the other the issue on track was sorted out about which I don’t have any idea as I was there at Angara waiting for the Leg 1 time card to type in the time and calculate the results.

By 5:30 P.M odd I had time cards for both the legs and I was sitting along at Angara with no one to help me out with typing the things. Few people tried to help me out but co-ordination between us failed miserably.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr.SPS Garcha, Mr.Raj Kapoor ,Mr. Philip George and Shalini Didi who helped me out with the results till the end where I gave up bcoz my mind was totally out and somehow or the other I was trying to recollect it.

I have a lot many stories to tell about everything but may be some other time.

At the end I would like to thank each n every official who was there for Western Motorsports with my sick attitude towards them.

Every participant happy or sad, Thank You very much, you guys have made this event and many congratulations to the Winners and those who could not win this time, There is always a next time.

Each and every sponsor, I hope we were able to pull it off the way you liked it to be.

And at the end, Mr.Anukraman Singh Rathore, for introducing me to motorsport and giving me a space in this growing fraternity.

And now its high time that I sign off

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Yatin Gupta

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