Things Your Mother Never Told You About Love – Juhi Pande

things-your-mother-never-told-you-about-love-400x400-imads8rvewahvyz5To be brutally honest, I would have never ever thought about picking a book with a title like in this even in my worst of nightmares. But then something about the title of this book appealed to me, I just picked this book from a long list of books that I received from Random House. I started reading it as soon as I received it and absolutely loved it. Though, it is a book for women from a woman but I am sure it will make a pleasant read for anyone and everyone provided they pick this book up. But mostly, girls.

If I have to describe this book in one word, I’d say, it is unpretentious. Things have been told just like they are with the apt about wit, quirk and wisdom. Spread over some 200 pages and 18 chapters this book deals with situations and thoughts of a girl or I should say girls who are growing up and are constantly learning and un-learning, losing and receiving, crying and smiling and various other things. Amidst all this chaos, there comes love. Something that will overshadow your thoughts and will distract you from several things that need your constant attention.

This book will shape up your thoughts and will give you a various insights about different situations that will life your spirit. In the most crucial years of growing up, there are certain things that you may not be able to discuss it with your parents and even best of friends, but the anecdotes and experiences shared in the book by the author would definitely help you in a broader perspective. The language is simple, relatable and most importantly, practical. I have already recommended this book to a whole lot of people I know including my sister and cousins and I am sure, you would end up doing it too.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Ebury Press, Random House India
Genre : Non-Fiction
Price : Rs. 199/-

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