The Treasure Of Kafur – Aroon Raman

the-treasure-of-kafur-400x400-imadqqausby9vgyfLast year, I’d read Aroon Raman’s The Shadow Throne. I remember finishing it in a single sitting. It was an impressive debut and the book was an instant bestseller, which I feel it truly deserved. I had added his name in my list of to-be-watched-out-for authors and I was very eager to read The Treasure Of Kafur by him. The book came in and I started reading it but sailing through first 100 pages of it was extremely tough. I just couldn’t understand where this story is going and I had to put it down. I again picked this book up after a while and managed to finish it and was satisfied as a reader.

As the title of the book suggests, it is about a treasure hunt. The hunt for the treasure of Kafur (Malik Kafur). The protagonist of the book Dattatreya ‘s (Datta) grandmother Ambu is kidnapped by Asaf Baig, the ruler of Khandhesh. Asaf believes that Ambu knows the exact location of the place where the treasure is buried. Datta and Ambu have been bestowed with the power to communicate with birds and animals. Datta along with his animal friends, travels to Agra. His only human companion on his quest to reach Agra to meet Akbar is Dilawar who is a soldier in the mughal army of Man Singh.

With immense hope of seeking Akbar’s help in freeing Ambu and preventing the treasure from falling into evil hands of Baig, Datta meets various people on his way including Ahilya, an expert archer and spirited daughter of Man Singh who helps him during his quest. As the story progresses, a lot more characters from the history appear in the plot which makes the story quite racy. History, fantasy, intrigue, adventure, politics, lies, deceit all wrapped up in a plot along with shades of romance and various bonds of friendship and trust.

The writing style is simple though it takes a while to get the hang of the story and the plot. Towards the end, the book becomes unputdownable and  leaves you with wanting for a bit more. May be in a sequel, I am expecting one!

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Pan Macmillan India
Genre : Thriller, Historical Fiction
Price : Rs. 299/-

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