The One You Cannot Have – Preeti Shenoy

the-one-you-cannot-have-400x400-imadpacfwg5zfrzePreeti Shenoy is one of my favourite Indian authors. I look forward to her books because they are easy reads, her style of storytelling is gripping and you feel good when you finish reading her book. I swear by her first novel, Life is what you make it and recommend it to everyone who comes to me and asks, I want to read something light and good or I want to start reading, which book should I read?

Her previous book, The Secret Wishlist came out earlier this year and did pretty well and she is back again with another gripping story with The One You Cannot Have. The book is about three people, Aman, Shruti and Anjali.

The story begins with Aman preparing to move back to India after staying for 2 years in Norwich, UK. While he is moving out from his apartment in Norwich, his encounter with memories of his relationship with Shruti jolts him real bad. He had moved to UK after Shruti decided to end their relationship of 4 years under various pressures and marries Rishabh. Aman decided to move away from her and focus on his career and does pretty good for himself whereas Shruti’s marriage is on the brink of falling apart.

Anjali & Aman had met once in Bangalore when Aman was on a short visit to India during his stay in UK. Anjali had instantly liked him and when she gets to know he is moving back to India, she gets all excited and thinks of giving it a shot with Aman. Aman, a thorough gentleman already dealing with the ghosts of his past treats Anjali like a friend whereas Anjali was expecting much more out of their friendship. When Aman gives a serious thought about his relationship with Anjali, Shruti comes back in his life and the story takes a turn.

What makes this book interesting is that it is written from three different perspectives, Aman’s, Anjali’s and Shruti’s and sails smoothly. The only problem I had with this book is its abrupt ending. It left me wanting for more. I felt that the author was in some hurry to finish the book. Otherwise, it lived up to every single expectation I always have from a Preeti Shenoy book. Its full of emotions, strong characters and a good story. If you are looking for a weekend read, The One You Cannot Have can definitely be given a shot. I am already looking forward to Preeti Shenoy’s next one!

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs.200/-

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