The Manager : Inside The Minds of Football’s Leaders – Mike Carson

the-manager-inside-the-minds-of-football-s-leaders-400x400-imadqy8b44hfcfwbFootball is the most loved sport across the world. The fans go absolutely crazy when their favourite teams or players are playing but there is much more to this sport than what it looks like. Football is an industry in itself and a unique one at that because it is driven by passion, support and emotion. To me, ‘The Manager’ by Mike Carson turned out to be much more than a book about the game and the top of the line managers in the world famous Barclays Premier League. The author got a chance to spend time with the managers of various football teams in the 2012-13 season of the premier league and the conclusion he derived after interviewing them in-depth is, they are just not managers, they are leaders in their own way.

Interviewing almost 30 managers couldn’t have been an easy feat for the author but he has done it impressively. From Sir Alex Ferguson to Jos√© Mourinho and Roy Hodgson, he has interviewed them all and had intense discussions about how they manage to do what they are doing. Being a business consultant himself, Mike Carson has looked at almost every aspect of football through these manager’s eyes. Right from team ¬†building, setting goals and achieving them and also the business & financial aspects of each team. One will be disappointed if he is looking for anecdotes and gossips related to football in this book. This book is about management and leadership and nothing else.

One has to give it to the author for bringing in all these people together in a book. I will always remember one line that Sir Alex said in this book, “It’s a horrible thing to say, but you can’t be sentimental in this job.” One thing that was common amongst all the people in this book that they were clear about what they want and are continuously striving to achieve their goals. I’d again say that this book is more about management that anything else. It comes with a fresh twist and this is what makes it what it is. It is a book that is interesting, intense and executes well-thought idea with near perfection. There is a lot to learn from it. Football lovers, leaders and management people will definitely gain something or the other from it. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Bloomsbury
Genre : Non-Fiction
Price : Rs.499/-

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