The Hunt For Kohinoor – Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

the-hunt-for-kohinoor-400x400-imadqpggge4mhw2bManreet is one of my favourite Indian authors. I have read all the books written by her. The Long Walk Home is an all time favourite but it was The Taj Conspiracy by her that I had read first amongst all her books. The Taj Conspiracy is the first book of the thriller series featuring Mehrunisa Khosa, the protagonist of the book. It is one hell of a thriller and was a bestseller too. The Hunt For Kohinoor is the book two of the series and is a riveting read.

This time, our protagonist Mehrunisa has 96 hours to save the country from a disastrous attack. The book begins with 3-4 parallel tracks where the Pakistan Army General gets killed leaving behind Kohinoor which is the only key to save this attack on India.

Life changes for Mehrunisa in the first couple of pages of this book and then begins a roller coaster ride for her which she could have never fathomed in her wildest dreams. She is sent to Pakistan on the hunt for Kohinoor along with SSP Raghav, who was heading the anti terrorist cell of  Uttar Pradesh in The Taj Conspiracy. All thanks to Jag Mishra who belongs to RAW and has the power to call shots .

Mehrunisa, a legacy of Persian mother and Punjabi father is a historian is specialises in Mughal history and artefacts and hence Jag Mishra thought that she would be ideal to go on this quest. A lot of characters get introduced as we go forward with the story. Various twists and turns, anecdotes, deceit, treachery, secrets, blood bath and a lot more.

The story is gripping in nature but it gets a bit draggy at various places and I felt like skipping a couple of paragraphs and pages in between. I remember doing this twice in the book. I felt some details in the story were unnecessary and could have been avoided. If I have to choose between The Taj Conspiracy and The Hunt For Kohinoor, I would choose the former because of its tight and racy plot which I felt was missing in THFK. Overall,  The hunt for kohinoor makes a decent read.  You can definitely give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Fiction, Thriller
Price : Rs. 295/-

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