The Hundred Names of Darkness – Nilanjana Roy

the-hundred-names-of-darkness-400x400-imadpguphunu2y7zAfter reading a lot of reviews and hearing a lot of good things about Nilajana Roy’s The Wildings, I decided to give it a shot in the later part of 2013. I was thoroughly impressed with the way the whole book was put together. I believe, The Wildings is one of the books of its own kind that I have read where you actually feel that animals are just like humans that live in their own world.  The iconic cats of Nizamuddin left a long lasting impression on me and I was eagerly waiting for its sequel, The Hundred Names Of Darkness to grace my shelf and it did, thanks to the publishers.

While The Wildings was more about cats, specially Mara (the most powerful Sender of Nizamuddin area) and her life, this time it is more about us humans aka Big Feet. Mara has grown up and now knows about her inherited powers. She can communicate with other Senders and also with the bigger members of the cat family. She had to summon Ozzy, the tiger when they have a fight with the feral cats of Nizamuddin. There is a whole new set of characters this time with names like Doginder Singh (the dog), Thomas Mor (the peacock), Kooky (the koel) and a lot more.

Mara chooses to stay indoors instead of stepping out and mixing up with other animals including her own kind. With the encroachment by Big Feet, razing down the old structures and coming up with ugly looking buildings, destroying the nature by cutting down the trees, clogging the drains, covering the water-bodies the inhabitants of Nizamuddin are unhappy, scared and restless and Mara decides to come to their rescue.

There is humour that makes you grin from ear to ear, there is philosophy which makes you feel like you are reading a Paulo Coelho book, you empathise with the characters of the book because of what Big Feet do to their homes and surroundings and while talking about all this, how can I not mention the beautiful illustrations by Prabha Mallya. They add distinctive dimension to the book and bring the story and its characters to life. An absolutely delightful work to say the least.

If you are an avid reader or an animal lover or someone who loves to explore various types of stories and writing, then both the books (The Wildings & The Hundred Names Of Darkness) by Nilanjana Roy should definitely be in your reading list. They are extremely fresh, intelligently written and makes you fall in love with its characters. Give them a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Aleph Book Company
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 495/-

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