The Giveaway Marathon 2012 !!!

The joy of giving is unexplainable. Very few people on this planet have got the real attitude required for giving away something and I certainly don’t belong to this category. As second half of 2012 was mostly spent in reading books, I thought why not give out books to people who want to read them. Though, books are pretty accessible these days with e-commerce websites like Flipkart and others delivering them at your doorstep but the joy of winning a book for yourself is something very different. It cannot be explained in words.

bookstackgiftI had never thought of holding this series of giveaways. It was with Smita Shetty, author of Untruly Yours, I was discussing something and the idea just popped up in my mind. I asked her if I can do this giveaway, she agreed in no time. In fact, she gave her valuable inputs and came on board as a judge. I am glad she did and that marked the beginning of the giveaways. We received some wonderful stories on “Untruly Yours” and selected the two best stories out of all the entries. Got a pretty good response there. 🙂

Anand Neelkantan agreed to sponsor a copy of Asura. One of the most wonderful books that I read in 2012. Superbly written and it is getting its due appreciation all over. I am thankful to Anand who came on board with a signed copy of the book! 🙂

Abhisar Sharma, a popular journalist agreed to came on board with two copies of his latest release The Edge Of Machete. Fantastic thriller and I got a chance to meet him as well, so both the copies became author signed copies 😀 . The joy of having an author signed copy of a book is something you cannot explain.

Then I thought why not contact the publishers if they can support this initiative and wrote e-mails to a couple of them. Random House India, like always, agreed first. They helped me in framing the giveaways and contributed whole heartedly. Must thank Rukun and Shruti from Random House India. They agreed to give me 4 books and managed the shipping of books as well. Winners have already received their books! 🙂

Next came on board was Fingerprint Publishers, the person there supported me really well. She agreed to give me 4 of their best selling books and suggested why not we bring the authors on board as judges for all the four giveaways. That was icing on the cake. E-mails were sent to authors and everyone responded on a positive note and hence began a successful ride. People participated whole heartedly and gave authors some tough time in selecting the winners. 🙂

Then came in Westland Books. People there are always ready to support you with whatever idea you come up with. The marketing head there assigned me 5 books. All of different genres and written down by prominent authors, adding some more value to the giveaways. Ideas were discussed, approved and voila, giveaways were floated. Response to these ones was amazing and the books are currently being shipped to the winners! 🙂

Rishi Vohra, author of Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai, when I wrote to him, he responded and appreciated my effort and agreed to contribute in the best possible way. He came on board with two author signed copies. I made sure that the giveaway contest is something related to tracks of Mumbai and in one hour of floating the contest, I received a whopping 23 entries. In total some 56 entries in two days which is superb ! 😀

Seeing my enthusiasm and the amount of energy and time I was putting into organising this whole thing, came on board Rahul Sharma, a twitter friend  ( @SharmaTweeting ) who is like an elder brother to me. He agreed to sponsor worldwide best seller 50 shades trilogy as the Mega Giveaway and I got an amazing response for this one. Kept on getting entries even after the deadline was over. Thank you Rahul Bhaiyya! 🙂

Silent House by Orhan Pamuk was an impromptu one and the person who has won it deserves it ! 🙂

I must thank my friend who doesn’t want his name to be revealed here. He is currently studying in United States and when I shared the idea with him, he agreed to be the moderator of all the giveaways. His job was to select the winners. I asked him because I wanted this whole thing to be unbiased. He used to go through all the entries and e-mail me the names of winners the next morning. It was a complete cycle and time difference turned out to be a boon for both of us. I used to keep a track of everything throughout the day, moderating comments, google forms etc. I used to wake up and check my phone first to see if he has e-mailed me the names of the winners and he never failed to do that. It became a daily routine and the efforts have paid off really well.

Must share that when I started these giveaways, the pageview count of my blog was near around 65,356 and today when they have ended, the pageview count is somewhere near 95,000. That shows the kind of response I got for the whole thing. I am truly humbled.  🙂

I must thank a couple of twitter friends here who kept me going. Agnivo, Raka, Akshay & Somya and others participated in almost all the giveaways and kept pushing me to do better with their valuable suggestions and selfless enthusiasm. Thank you guys! 🙂

In the end, must thank everyone who visited the blog, participated in the giveaways, RTed my tweets with which I daily spammed the timelines, people who shared these giveaways on other platforms, forced their friends to participate and for every little thought and gesture they extended towards this effort.

With the kind of response that I have got. I plan to do these giveaways every year now. Next year whole December I would be giving out some more books, would be spreading some more smiles! 🙂 I just hope and pray everything goes fine in 2013 for me and as well as for everyone else. 🙂

Wishing everyone a very happy new year ! Rise & Shine !! 😀

2 thoughts on “The Giveaway Marathon 2012 !!!

  1. WOW! Merely going through this post felt like a roller coaster ride! And it was so much more fun participating in all the giveaways! became a bookmark in my phone’s browser! For the last few weeks, checking out this site has been my first task in the morning. To check out the new book, think for an answer or look up on the internet, submit it before the deadline and then spend the night in anxiety and hope of winning the next morning! Truly said, the joy of winning a book cannot be explained in words!
    I have already received a copy of “The Bottom Line” from you, and the first page of it has the date and your name written on it 🙂
    Eagerly waiting for my very own, prized possession, Untruly Yours. 🙂

    Thank you so much for putting in so much effort Bhaiya! It was really amazing to be a part of something like this. Thank you so much.
    Wish you a very Happy New Year.
    Keep Smiling 🙂


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