The Full Moon Bride – Shobhan Bantwal

the-full-moon-bride-400x400-imadxtzwdcky3zrgI have said this earlier and I have no qualms in saying this again that Shobhan Bantwal is a reader’s delight. You expect certain things from every Shobhan Bantwal book after reading its blurb and she delivers exactly the same. Nice, breezy and uncomplicated stories make her books absolute page turners and as a reader, it makes me very happy. Her latest offering, The Full Moon Bride made for a pleasant read and the book can be read by anyone and everyone.

Siya Giri, an attorney in United States is a career oriented woman. She is 30 and her slightly conservative family wants her to get married. Her bride-viewings are all the same, families visit, meet her and then things never materialise and now she’s not interested anymore. She wants to focus on her career and let time take its own course. Then, she’s introduced to Roger Vadepalli, a charming man who is on a mission to get married and fulfil his dream. When Siya and Roger meet, Roger tells her why he wants to get married and leaving Siya feel disgusting. However, time takes its own course and things begin to fall in place for Siya when she meets Lou at work and then something happens that turns her world upside down.

As I said earlier, Shobhan Bantwal knows what she is writing about and leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Her characters are well thought and sketched out and she uses them intelligently throughout the plot and never goes over the top. Once you’re into the story, you’d want to know what happens to the protagonist in the end and want to quickly turn the pages. The Full Moon Bride will definitely make for a Sunday afternoon read after a nice siesta. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint Books
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 250/-

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