The Exiled Prince – Ravi

the-exiled-prince-400x400-imadr7y2z4hz78cjMythology is something that I believe that we all are aware of. The knowledge with respect to a particular religion is sound or not varies from individual to individual depending on their interest in it.

Ramayana is something that we all have grown up with. On TV or in our households during Dussehra & Navratris, Ramayana is being recited in various homes which brings individuals closer to this ancient literature.

This current trend of taking mythological facts and moulding them in a whole new form is fascinating to say the least and a lot of authors are doing a fantastic job in doing so. Latest author on board who has done this rather impeccably is Ravi who has come up with Book 1 of a trilogy named The Crystal Guardian Series named as The Exiled Prince.

The title of the book gives away that this book is based on Rama as he was a prince who lived in an exile for 14 years. This book is written in an autobiographical form where Rama is narrating his experiences while he is on a quest to search for Crystal of Creation. Crystal of Creation is a powerful weapon which part of the souls of Lord Shiva and Narayana that is hidden somewhere deep within the Himalayan ranges. And due to the lust of having supreme power, there are many people behind the Crystal.

Coming to the characters of the book, they all have been presented in a new light. The author has given a completely different character to Kaikeyi. This was kind of shocking because the image of Kaikeyi in my mind was very different. Similarly, Rama, Sita and various other characters in the book have been presented quite differently from the image and impression that we have about them in our minds.

The writing of the book, I must say that it is an intelligently written & well research work. The facts and fiction are intertwined in such a way that it will be tough for a reader to distinguish between the both. The narrative is gripping from the word go and will push you to finish the book in a single sitting. The story has been left at such an instance that it is difficult to wait for the second book of the series. I am looking forward to it already.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint
Genre : Fiction/Mythology
Price : Rs. 199/-

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