The Connected Age – Sudhakar Ram

the-connected-age-400x400-imadt57ykdrjahy3As the title of the book suggests, we live in The Connected Age. Thanks to the technology, knowing what’s happening in the diagonally opposite end of the world is just a matter of a few seconds these days. Everything is available for everyone provided they know where to look for. We are all aware about the ‘goods’ and ‘bads’ that our planet is surviving through but are we doing something about anything that is wrong? The answer is a harsh “No” and with The Connected Age, Mr. Sudhakar Ram, who is the founder of the IT giant (Mastek) and author of this book is trying to find out what exactly is wrong and how can the situations be improved for the present age and our future generations.

The entire book is a broad canvas of Mr. Ram’s vision that will have your thoughts aligned and will help you in changing your vision about the world by reinventing yourself and the world around you. Divided into 4 sections, the author has focussed on the current state of the world in section 1 which is about ‘The 21st Century Context’. Why is it necessary to have a vision towards things and the kind of governing principles that must be followed in this connected age. Each of the chapters are further divided into subparts and have focussed on various aspects of today’s worlds in totality.

Section 2 of the book focusses on Individual change and that was my favourite part of the book. We all want to be rich and successful and most of us achieve what we have dreamt all these years but we are never bothered about the cost that our surroundings have paid due to our actions. Mr. Ram has asked individuals to look beyond material successes, focus on lifelong learning, engage themselves with the world around them and try to make a difference and consumption and healthcare is something that has to have a balance. In spite of India having world class health centres and facilities, we have a major population that deals with health problems.

In the third and fourth sections of the book, Mr. Ram focuses on how the organisations and government needs to align themselves and discover their soul. It is not always about progress at the cost of human lives or values. The change can be brought if one takes his role seriously in reinventing the world. Through this book, Mr. Sudhakar Ram actually makes you believe that achieving all this is not that tough, all we need is a strong vision and have to drive ourselves to achieve them. The book is an interesting take about everything around us. The author has given various examples from his personal experiences to support his theories and arguments and that too convincingly. It is a book that should be read with an open-mind and with a lot of thought process. It will give a reader loads of ideas to change the world around himself but it is us as individuals who have to wake up from our slumber and take necessary actions.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Collins Business
Genre : Society & Culture
Price : Rs. 350

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