The Book Cover Project

As I have a lot of time in my hands these days, I thought why not start a new project on the blog and see how it pans out. So, here it is, The Book Cover Project.


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Each book has a story to tell, I believe so. Authors spend months and months to write their books and then some more months in packaging them with their publishers. When we speak about packaging, the cover of the book is something that is always in the prime focus. I would like to believe so. So, now I want to know the thought and story behind the cover of the books that you like or you have written and I want to share it with the readers of my blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Calling all the authors to share their thoughts & story behind the cover of their books and the readers to share their thoughts on book covers that they love the most.

Send your e-mail to and please attach the JPEG file of the book cover as well. I’m waiting. 😀

And here is where all the entries will be posted

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