Tête-à-tête with author Sudha Menon & Random House India

It is always a pleasure to meet the authors and more when you have read their books and absolutely loved them. I have been to a couple of bloggers meet with some of the celebrated authors in the past and have thoroughly enjoyed the conversations that flow freely.

One such meet happened yesterday at one of the cosy cafes of Shahpur Jat, The Wishing Chair. I absolutely loved the place and more when I was with some of the people who love to chat and are passionate about reading. Rukun and Shruti from Random House India always make an extra effort to make their bloggers feel comfortable and wanted. Both of them were eagerly waiting for me and Raka who is a dear friend, an avid reader and a blogger. She blogs at Illuminati .

Sudha Menon is a journalist and an author of two books. Legacy is her latest book and she has also written Leading Ladies: Women Who Inspire India, which is a highly acclaimed book. Sudha came across as a very warm and jovial person. As soon as she was with us, we all got talking like good old friends.


Sudha Menon ( Pic. Courtesy : Random House India)

The conversations hopped from one topic to another. We all shared our equations with our parents and Sudha happily shared her experience while writing the book. It took her 18 months to put down the entire book together. There were series of interviews,meetings, phone calls, e-mails with all the people that are featured in the book.

The genesis of the book comes from Sudha’s personal life. She wrote a letter to her daughter when she was leaving for abroad for higher studies and that’s how the idea of putting up Legacy was conceived. Over coffee, lemonades and yummy food, the conversations progressed and in the end Sudha signed our copies with a heart-warming note and we got a group picture clicked! 🙂


Pic. Courtesy : Random House India


With Sudha Menon and Random House India team
(Pic. Courtesy : Random House India)

I have read the book and you can read it’s review here. Also, I am thankful to Random House India for inviting me for such a wonderful meet. 🙂

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