Tamanna – a true story of forbidden love – Tejeshwar Singh

tamanna-400x400-imadyxrshwhzeyubThere are times when you just end up picking a book for no reason or may be you pick it up because it intrigues you at some level. Well nothing of that sort happened with Tejeshwar Singh’s Tamanna. I walked into Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place one day and saw that this book was being launched there. The publishers gave me a copy of it and I thought I will read it someday. But as destiny would have it, I started reading it as soon as I reached home and finished it in a matter of 5-6 hours and the book left me pretty intrigued.

Tamanna may not be the best written book that I may have come across, but there is this rare honesty which forms the undercurrent of the plot which I’m sure would touch a reader many times while reading it. The book is inspired by author’s heartbreaking life story wherein he deals with complexities of heart and mind. Arjun is 36 and is a happily married man. With his own share of problems in his professional life, which never really took off in a way everyone around him expected would do, life has been a constant struggle for him. Based in Delhi, Arjun lives with his wife and daughter who he loves immensely and runs a small business with his partner and childhood friend Babbu.

Life was going on at its pace and was never easy for Arjun until one day he sees Tamanna in one of the house parties at their common friend’s. Tamanna is married to Sanjay, a loud, pompous, fat guy who is just too much to handle, who Arjun thinks doesn’t deserve a wife like Tamanna. As destiny would have it, both Arjun’s and Tamanna’s families become friends and Arjun’s inner feelings for Tamanna take an intense form with each passing day. Unable to control his feelings for Tamanna, Arjun pines, regrets, obsesses and experience many other emotions until everything just explodes around him, when and how, for that you need to read the book.

Tejeshwar Singh has penned down a story which would make you think and analyse the complexities that life can generate for anyone out of nowhere. One day everything is normal and the next day, your world can turn upside down. I wish, the writing of the book was a bit more mature as it deals with a complex subject but one thing that this book ensured for me that I kept turning its page till the very end. Tamanna is a book that you can pick and read at any given point of time and I am sure, it would definitely stir a thought or two in your mind.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 199/-

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