Talk and Sort Method …..

Any programmer or who knows a bit about computer programming must be knowing about Sorting methods (bubble,count,bucket .. etc. etc.).

Today I’m trying to explain one more sorting method which will surely help you, though I’m not sure about computer programs but yea in your personal life, it is going to help you on any given day.

We all face problems on daily basis, sometimes with our loved ones, sometimes with those whom we don’t know at all. And everyone has got his own way to deal with the problems that he is facing.

But what if some trouble is costing you a relationship, that you have maintained over the years ?

Ways of problem solving that I’ve seen till now

  • Fighting in literal sense ( maar pitayi types…. 😛 )
  • Arguments
  • I don’t care ….. I give everything a F***
  • Backing out

These are some of the infinite problem solving techniques that we use on daily basis.

But in my case what I’ve seen is, with whomsoever he/she is, either I completely stop talking to the other person or I try to use talk and sort method (which always works) …

Brief about the method :

  • Sit together
  • Abuse each other (in case other person doesn’t mind):P
  • Put your points and listen to the second party what he/she wants to say.
  • Follow point 2 again “N” number of times if needed. (LOL…)
  • Forget about the issues and move on and be like the way you were with that person.

These 5 points can sort out any problem in a very straight way, and whomsoever is reading this one, I want him/her to try this out.

And if this method backfires, I’m not at all responsible for it ….. 😉

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