Take Me Home – Rashmi Bansal

take-me-home-400x400-imadrpbhkyggthxnWith all the big business houses shifting their focus on tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India these days, no one would have thought of the entrepreneurial¬†revolution brewing in these small cities. And when you will read Rashmi Bansal’s latest book ‘Take Me Home’, you would come to know that these entrepreneurs are big players & business leaders in their own way and are well acknowledged on global level. ‘Take Me Home’ is a collection of inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs from small town India who are in no way small. These people got candid with the author during their interviews and shared their experiences and words of wisdom.

All the entrepreneurs featured in ‘Take Me Home’ had one thing in common, they looked for ideas and opportunities locally first and then scaled up exponentially. For example, Chandubhai Virani of Balaji Wafers started his career by selling chips in a cinema hall at Rajkot and understood how much people loved them. Vivek & Kirit of Spacewood Furnishers who had set up a small workshop to make office furniture to becoming a pioneers of modular kitchens in India. Jagjit Singh Kapoor (Kashmir Apiaries – Doraha, Punjab) started his venture with 10 boxes of Italian bees to becoming the largest exporter of honey from India. Leaving his dream job at ITC, Sandeep Kapoor, based in Jodhpur started Perfume Station and focussed on Indian middle class and set up retail outlets for perfumes. ¬†A Muruganantham of Jayashree Industries based at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu ventured into manufacturing of low cost sanitary napkins that changed the lives of ordinary Indian women.

The above mentioned people are just a handful of names from the book. There are many more and their stories will inspire you at so many levels. These people were always focussed towards their vision and never gave up, no matter how grave the situations turned for them. Hardwork, perseverance and honesty towards what they do is what has made what they are today and all of them still want to learn more and achieve new milestones. Rashmi Bansal, as usual, has done a fantastic job with this book. As I always say, every young entrepreneur should read all her books as not only they inspire you at various levels, but they would also restore your faith in hardwork & honesty.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Non-Fiction
Price : Rs. 200/-

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