Stop Taking People For Granted, Dear Flipkart !!

Before I begin with this post, I would like to say that I am writing this post as a common user of Flipkart and I have got nothing against them. Its just an experience that I had with them I am sharing here.

Flipkart, the e-commerce giant has grown real big and wild during recent times. One of my friends introduced to to this portal. He was going all gaga about their offers and services and told me to try them out sometime and I did. I was highly satisfied with everything they did for their customers and had always put in a word for them among the people I know. I don’t even remember, how many products I have placed through them. For a fact, I also use their affiliate program with the book reviews that I post here on my blog.

But since past couple of months, Flipkart’s customer service has drastically gone down the hill. I have had a couple of glitches with them in the past which I totally ignored because there are times when you have to give a person/company a benefit of doubt.

What Flipkart did with me today was appalling and that shows how they take their customers for granted. So here is what happened with me

The Oath Of Vayuputras, Amish Tripathi’s highly anticipated book was released yesterday and months before its release Flipkart has been raving about pre-ordering the books and they were promising all the people who had placed the order that the book will be shipped to them by 27th February, which is the next day after the launch.

As I was extremely excited to read this book I wanted to lay my hands on it as soon as possible so keeping in mind what Flipkart was promising, I pre-ordered the book on 26th December 2012 i.e. 2 months ago. Here is a screenshot of the order that I placed. Untitled

I was eagerly waiting for the book and my excitement was increased by many folds when I received this e-mail from Flipkart 3 days back. Though it was a disappointment in itself but then I was like, its alright. It happens.


So, finally 27th February came. Facebook and Twitter were all buzzing with the book launch updates since 26th evening. I was so looking forward to read this book but then everything fell flat, all thanks to Flipkart.

Since morning, so many people on my twitter timeline were posting images of the book and were all too excited and happy to receive it. At 3:30 P.M I realised that I have not got any call form my home regarding delivery of this book. So, I just checked and found out that it has not been delivered. So, I just tweeted to the @FlipkartSupport account with my Order Number and asked them to update me with the status of my order. Within minutes, I got a call from one of their executives named Kritika.

Kritika : Hi, I am calling from Flipkart, am I talking to Mr. Yatin Gupta?
Me : Yes, please tell me.
Kritika : This is regarding your order of the book The Oath Of The Vayuputras
Me : Yes, I was wondering why it has not been delivered to me.
Kritika : Sir, there has been a technical glitch on our side, I am sorry, now the book shall be delivered to you within 2-3 working days.

That’s When I Lost It Completely.

Me : What do you mean by that ? Weren’t the pre-ordered books supposed to be delivered today? I have also got an e-mail for this stating the same.
Kritika : I know sir, but then there is this glitch that happened.
Me : I dont know, I was relying on you people all this while and what you guys came up with is a silly technical glitch.

And the Sir-We-Are-Sorry game continued. Then came in the bouncer from them

Kritika : Sir, as a token of apology, we would like you to offer Rs.50/- in your Flipkart Wallet so that you could use it for placing your future orders with us.
Me : ( Thoroughly disgusted) : Are you kidding me? I am not that cheap that for 50 bucks I would be making such hue and cry. This is so disgusting. Are you guys trying to cover up your mistake by offering me this.
Kritika : No sir, this is just a way to apologise.
Me : Sorry, I am not up for any such thing.
Kritika : Sir, we are really sorry for whatever happened.

And the conversation continued and ended on a unsatisfactory note and that’s when I bashed Flipkart on twitter because of the entire incident. Here is the screenshot of what I wrote. I had placed another book ( Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer)  that was up for pre-order, I cancelled my order then and there. Along with that I cancelled by order for The Oath Of Vayuputras.


So, post this entire tweeting-about-what-flipkart-did-to-me session, I got another call from some senior person from their customer service team. His name was Jayant.

Jayant : Am I speaking with Mr. Yatin Gupta?
Me : Yes, who is this?
Jayant : This is Jayant from Flipkart and this is regarding your order for the book The Oath Of The Vayuputras. Can I talk to you for 2 minutes?
Me : I am really busy at the moment, please be quick in whatever you have to say.
Jayant : Sir, I know what exactly has happened to your order and since past 40 minutes I have been trying to track what went wrong. Could you please give me two hours, I will arrange the book to be shipped to you at the earliest.
Me : Sorry Jayant, I dont need the book now. I have cancelled the order through your website and have made my own arrangements. So, kindly do not take the pains for sending the book across. I am not interested in dealing with Flipkart anymore.
Jayant : Sir, I apologise for whatever has happened. Please accept the book. We will refund your amount also, but please accept the book as a token of apology on our behalf.
Me : Sorry Jayant, I have made my own arrangements. I don’t really need the book now. What will I do with two copies of the same book.

Jayant tried very hard to convince me, which was nice on his part. I told him that I would be writing about this whole thing. There is much more to what I told him but I would not like to share all that here.

So, finally I turned down everything offered by Flipkart because I was thoroughly disgusted with the way they dealt with my case. I am not a gold-digger or a person who would go up to any extent to get free stuff. That is just not me.

With the whole incident, what I inferred is

1. Had I not raised the issue at the right time, the book would have got delivered to me after 2-3 days. Flipkart was least bothered to update with whatever technical glitch happened.

2. Flipkart doesn’t value its customers. They think that by offering them a few pennies or by giving them some free stuff, they can turn people into their favour.

3. Though, I must say, their executives were extremely polite and patient with me and were constantly apologising for the entire episode, but then, at the end of the day who suffered because of the whole glitch? Those people were just doing their job.

Anyways, Rs. 210/- have been  updating in my Flipkart Wallet against the cancellation of the order of which I am not really sure whether I would be using it or not. I am just so done with them.

This attitude of Flipkart towards their customers clearly shows that they take everyone for granted. I am sure there must have been hundreds of cases like these where Flipkart must have offered people some free stuff and would have chickened out of the situation without any hassle.

I have only one thing to say to Flipkart in the end,

Its because of people like us, you have gone all this big. Its high time you people pull yourselves up and get your act together. Stop treating customers like they are hungry for free stuff. We put in our faith and our trust on your services and if this is all you have got to offer us, then THANK YOU. WE DON’T NEED YOU. There are many players in the field.

This is what I had to say. I am sure there are many people who would have suffered like I did due to Flipkart’s lousy and incompetent attitude. I request all those people who have been through something like this with Flipkart to come forward and share their experience. (Share your experience by commenting on this post)

And also, I hope some senior person from Flipkart would look into such matters and rather than offering people FREE STUFF or A FEW RUPEES IN THE FLIPKART WALLET, these people should actually try to improve their system.

P.S. The conversation part of the post is not verbatim. Only the highlights of the conversation have been shared here.

5 thoughts on “Stop Taking People For Granted, Dear Flipkart !!

  1. I think its little unfair. Things go wrong. I admit flipkart hasn”t been best in last few months, but i have had similar and even worse experiences with rest portals too. flipkart by far wins with a huge margin. they emailed and called you about the book, rather than have you call up and ask.

    hope you get the book soon and enjoy reading !

    • @Nimue : I think you’ve not read the post properly. I have been ignorant about the past glitches that have happened with them, but this was heights.

      I do accept the fact that things go wrong, but is this the way to cover them up?

      I am sorry to say, you might be okay with this attitude of Flipkart but I am certainly not.

  2. You know this is the problem with everyone in India, if they go wrong, they’ll offer you money. I mean, you got to care about the sentiments of your customers. After reading you, I can sense that you are a passionate reader and you were quite looking forward to read the book. It was about spoiling the whole experience which corporates don’t care about. About what happened to me, I placed an order on flipkart when I planned a trip to India but my order was never executed. There was no payment issue as I opted for COD. If they make overseas excuse, there should be some mail/notification while placing the order. I know the founders of Flipkart have worked with Amazon before starting it but they have a long way to catch up. Losing customers is not good and bad publicity is the last thing you want.

  3. It’s unfair to name the customer care execs you spoke to, yatin. if this goes overboard, their jobs can be at stake. it’s not difficult to trace who spoke to you. also, the girl offered you Rs 50, because she had only that much in power. Call takers are the lowest rung in this industry, they are supposed to keep the customers happy but the companies don’t give them much power to do so.

    having said that, i wish more ppl will create a hullaboo like this. we tend to ignore. in india, customer service is probably the worst, be it any industry. rules need to be change.

  4. I can totally understand what you went through. I booked my copy of the Oath of the Vyuputra from Flipkart when they were publicizing it as a author signed copy! However the one i received dint not have it. If I wanted a normal copy I should have ordered from any other portal for cheap.

    This is not the first time i am disappointed in Flipkart. They have tie ups with weird courier company’s who talk rudely, who carry card readers which don’t work, ask for precise change and refuse to give change for say 30-40 bucks..then ask for Bakshish! I have reported this time and again but nothing really has worked out in the long run.

    Had it not been for the signed copy, I would never have ordered from Flipkart!

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