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sorting-out-sid-400x400-imadrpbkmhfadh73I had once heard an author saying this, “these days, books are more about preview culture than review culture” and HarperCollins India did exactly that with Yashodhara Lal’s second book Sorting Out Sid after a massive success of her first book Just Married, Please Excuse with them. Me along with a couple of bloggers were invited to an exclusive event at Harper’s office and were given a chance to go through the book for the first time. Post that, an interesting chat session was organised with the author and Yashodhara candidly spoke about the book and answered all our questions. It was a fun afternoon overall.

Sorting Out Sid is a light and breezy read. Siddharth Agarwal aka Sid is a successful man. He has almost everything that a man wishes for. Good looks, a good job, a house of his own, good friends and a peaceful life …..err….No, not really a peaceful life. His marriage is falling apart and he can feel it. His equation with his wife Mandira is deteriorating with each passing day but Sid is too busy to care about that.

Sid’s best friend Aditi introduces him to Neha, a working professional and a single mom and after embarrassing himself a lot of times in front of Neha, Sid and Neha hit it off really well. Professionally, Sid works for a company that manufactures toilet cleaners. His boss Akash is an absolute moron and Sid loathes his presence every time he is around. This and a lot more, life keeps moving on for Sid and he gets stuck in a vortex where everything is falling apart and one fine day, he finds himself all alone and then the story takes a turn.

Coming to the problems with the book, I felt that the storyline was a bit weak. Nothing really happened that made me sit straight and finish this book off, or may be it was meant to be like that. As I said earlier, this book is a breezy read and can be read by anyone. The language is easy, narrative is tight and makes you turn pages. One highlight of the book that stands out throughout is the wit. You will find yourself smiling and laughing at a lot of instances, mostly at the conversations between the characters. The author has ensured that a reader gets a bit of everything. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : HarperCollins India
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 250/-

One thought on “Sorting Out Sid – Yashodhara Lal

  1. Faced with a career that is going nowhere, a failing marriage and parents you do your best to avoid, what do you do?

    Sid does all the things we do: drink too much, eat too little, mess up at work and jump to all the wrong conclusions. The real strength of this book is in its refusal to judge anybody, not the clinging parents, not the hysterical wife, and certainly not our messed up, tossed up hero.

    Written in fluent, funny prose, Sorting Out Sid is a perfect slice of our lives. There’s a lot that is instantly recognisable and it’s entertaining enough to keep you turning chapters. A word of advice: this book is best enjoyed with a chilled beer or three.

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