Seven Days Seven Books Marathon

As I have nothing much to do these days, I thought let’s try to do this, I picked up 7 books that I wanted to read and allotted one day each to them and I’m glad that I did this. I got to test my capacity of reading books.  This post is going to be about short reviews of all the books that I read in this week.

Sunday : Chanakya’s Chant by Ashwin Sanghi 
Must say, a well thought novel that you would find impossible to leave in between. It was such a roller coaster ride. Was hooked to it throughout the day and night, didn’t sleep also. Took me almost 20 hours to finish this one. The characters are very real and you would feel that you have seen them in real life too. And the way story progresses, twists and turns. Two stories run parallel in the book and this is what makes it more interesting. The book has been very well received by critics and I dont think any review that you will read on the internet would present this book in a bad light. All the characters are strong and have various shades. I am already looking forward to the next book by Ashwin Sanghi “The Krishna Key” which is releasing very soon.




Monday : Two Fates : The Story Of My Divorce by Judy Balan 

I’d say this is an extension of the book 2 States by Chetan Bhagat. But I liked it. The characters were interesting and the book succeeded in cracking me up at various points. Though, the end of the book could have been more interesting, some more twists and turns could have been there. It felt like, the author wanted to finish the book in a hurry. I wouldn’t have mind reading 50 more pages of the story if it had a proper ending. But, anyways, I liked it. The ever nagging in-laws and the constant pressure to live up to the expectations of the people around you is what comes lively in this book. A light read.





Tuesday : Hello Bastar by Rahul Pandita 

I was so moved after reading this one. Generally I do not pick up books based on facts, but this one got me when I first saw its cover. I have reviewed this book here on my blog itself.








Wednesday : What Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat 

Chetan Bhagat did something out of his league and to my surprise I liked his ideas. Though at times, I felt like he is ranting too much in the book, but then at times I felt like what he is saying is actually right. I know many people who do not appreciate his writing but I do read all his books because it was Five Point Someone that introduced me to the world of books and ever since I read that one, I discovered that reading is actually my hobby. The book is a collection of writeups and essays and his opinions about many things going around in India at present. The purpose of the book is to give food for thought to its readers about various things and Chetan actually managed to implant some of his ideas into my brain.




Thursday : Miss Moorthy Investigates by Ovidia Yu

This and the other two books that I read after this were kept on my shelf from such a long time. Finally, I decided to include all three of them in this marathon. Set up in 70s of Singapore, this book again takes you on a roller coaster ride. A school teacher cum detective, who has an eye to see the obvious which others cannot see tries to figure out who is the person behind bizarre killings of single successful career women. The language of the book is a little flair but you would enjoy it. I would suggest this book if you are traveling some short distance by train or by air. It would definitely make it interesting.






Friday : Wings Of Silence by Shriram Iyer 

A book by another IIM graduate Shriram Iyer that would definitely touch your heart. The story of two brothers, one of the is born deaf and the other is a powerhouse of multiple talents, Raj and Saurav respectively. Raj because of his ailment was royally ignored by his parents and Saurav felt ashamed of him being his brother. But, something happens which changes Saurav’s thought process about his brother Raj and he helps him achieving something that a person can possibly dream of. But then another twist comes in. I won’t disclose much about this book and will definitely suggest you to read this one. The language is simple and binding. A light read that promises light entertainment for sure.





Saturday : The Clockwork Man by William Jablonsky

Another book that waited for so long to be picked up by me. The tagline of the book is pretty intriguing “Created to fascinate, designed to serve, until he broke free”. The book is a science fiction which is not a thriller. Where, things won’t go wrong and there is no savior. The book revolves around Ernst, a mechanical clockwork man who is invented by a famous clock maker. It about the the life and his experiences with the family of the clock maker which Ernst thinks is his family too. His life progresses and he figures out various emotions within in. Yes, he falls in love too. Then circumstances change which brings him to the present, 2005. If I wrote more about this book, it would give everything away. Again a light read which presents sci-fi in a whole new light. You would feel attached to Ernst for sure.



So, this was my week. Kept reading furiously for hours and hours. Even my family got sick and tired of me. But I am glad that I could pull this off. Another interesting thing about the whole series of books is, except the Chetan Bhagat one, all have been published by Westland Books. It is actually riveting that whatever books I am picking up these days are turning out to be Westland publications. Well, some association that is for sure.

Also picked up “Emma” and “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austen on a friend’s recommendation. Next on my list are both these books.

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