Savage Harvest : Stories Of Partition – Mohinder Singh Sarna, Translated By : Navtej Sarna

savage-harvest-400x400-imadnaz98xrpk7jmThe tumultuous partition of India and its after-effects are still fresh in people’s memories. Those who suffered because of it have got myriads of stories to tell and they have been telling them in some form or the other since 1947. I myself have read some heart wrenching first hand accounts of those times and the brutality of the entire madness never fails to send shivers down my spine. When I first received this book from the publisher, I thought of skipping it because short stories are something I do not enjoy much but something about this book intrigued me and I decided to give it a shot.

Savage Harvest is a collection of 30 short stories were originally written in Punjabi by one of the most respected names in Punjabi literature, Mohinder Singh Sarna. And Navtej Sarna decided to translate these stories to English because all the stories featured in this book are a poignant tribute to the human spirit. In the introduction of the book, Navtej Sarna has explained why and how he carried out the translation of all the stories and managed to preserve the essence of them all.

Some of the stories in the book are extremely intense and deeply disturbing. While I was reading them, I had to close my eyes just to stop myself from imagining the entire bloodshed that has been painted so vividly through the author’s words. The sense of fear and losing your family and loved ones in the mayhem, compassion and friendship and most importantly human nature and humanity has been presented extremely well in each of the stories.

It will be tough for a reader to pick up his/her favourite stories from this extremely powerful collection of stories. The book also teaches a universal truth that hate and violence have no religion as well as courage and compassion too.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Rupa Books
Genre : Short Stories/Fiction
Price : Rs. 295/-

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