Rendezvous with YouTube India team @ YouTube Creator Events

When I was in college, I used to see all kinds of videos on YouTube explaining how is it working at Google and all things that come with it. I used to get extremely fascinated with everything that I saw. Years passed after that I never gave any thought about it but one thing that continued is my love for YouTube. I believe that YouTube is the black hole of the internet and once you’re consumed by it, it is nearly impossible to get out of it. I spend almost 2-3 hours daily on YouTube surfing and watching random stuff. Having worked with a video production house for almost a year, I know and understand the nuances of film and video making and how people across the world are effectively using it to communicate whatever they wish to.


One afternoon, I got an e-mail inviting me for a YouTube Creator Events (News, Politics, Journalism) and I was like Whoa! how the hell did they get my e-mail address? In no time I replied to them saying that it will be honour to be a part of this event and then came another surprise, the event were to be held at Google India’s Gurgaon office on 23rd of May. There is nothing more that I could have asked for at that moment because I’d always wanted to see how is it like being at the Google’s office and here I got an opportunity out of nowhere. I couldn’t wait to be there. 

Finally 23rd came and after an ordeal of 2.5 hours, I managed to reach Google’s office. Some 10-15 bloggers across various domains were the part of the audience and for the next 4 hours, we were all engrossed in whatever people working for YouTube India had to tell us. The YouTube team took us through a presentation that they’d exclusively made for this event to make us understand how powerful this medium is and how we can effectively use it for various purposes and ideas that we believe in.

The most interesting aspect of the entire event was when they told us about the top 10 strategies that work for News. They took us through various examples and case studies to make us understand how people across the world are leveraging on the power of social media and more importantly the power of audio visual mode. The facts and ideas shared with us took me totally by surprise.

And then came the icing on the cake, we did an activity where we had to make our own video and upload it on YouTube and we made a small 2 minute video about books and reading. We were allowed to move around the Google’s cafeteria and ask the people working at the top of the digital food chain about books and in what format they prefer to read them (hardcopies or e-books). We came up with some really interesting content for the video and people at YouTube helped us in putting it all together. Here is what we made in some 30 minutes.

Made some new friends and connections and overall, learnt many new things today. I’d like to thank people at YouTube India for having me there to be a part of such an informative journey. Looking forward to more such gatherings where we learn, explore and create.

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