Regret !

While it would be wonderful to live a life of no regrets there are few if any of us that have or will have. By the time one reaches old age, and generally a long, long time before one can look back at his life and see things he wishes he had done differently. These things may relate to about any area of our life. Sometimes we see those who are overly righteous so to speak. They feel they have led exemplary lives and perhaps their sins
have not been as great as that of others except for one thing – their attitude.

When we begin to think too much of ourselves we ought to stop and consider. If I am so good why do I need Jesus’ blood? There is not a person on the face of the earth who has lived such a life that on its own merits deserves anything other than eternal hell fire. A nasty bad attitude toward others is just as bad as anything else and even more distasteful to others.

It matters not how bad a life a person has lived in the past.Why do people sometimes develop this kind of negative attitude? Perhaps there are other reasons as well but here are a couple that come to mind. One, they are not willing to be honest with themselves for they find more comfort in self deception.The past is the past but we can help one another, comfort and console one another, and help one another get to heaven. We all have regrets but we all can have hope if we will as the old song goes but trust and obey. The time comes when we must move on. 

The inspired advice is let the past go. Look to the future. That is the best advice you will ever get on this subject – inspired advice.

I never had this word “regret” in my life till today, but will always regret the fact that some people were an integral part of my life till today.

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