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Dunno what made me write a blog entry at this point of hour but I have no idea what I’m gonna write here. It might be a piece of shit for you who is reading it (thanks a lot for sparing time though) but I seriously have no idea about what I’m gonna write here.

You see sometimes we meet some people and then we start liking them, we think our vibes are matching and then something happens and everything seems so unrealistic.

This happens with me very frequently that I meet new people and suddenly either I’m lost somewhere or they are and the contact with them is lost.

The social networking bug bit me in 2005 when I got to know something called Orkut. It was the time when one was able to make account on orkut when someone invites him to do so and I remember my cousin told me about this and sent me an invitation.

Since then I joined many social networking platforms and got many real life friends and virtual friends too. I think I did justice to my friendship with them at every single point of time(that’s what I think).But sometimes things turned out to be messy and either I ended up screwing my friendship with them or just let it go by backing out myself.

There is one big problem with me that I get addiction of things very easily and then I just can’t get over with it. Someone said this thing which I think is very true“Relations are easy to make but difficult to maintain” and this thing turns out to be true with most of the relations I make. Sometimes I’m on faulty side and sometimes the other person (this is my perspective though) but I’ve seen many cases in recent times which has made me realize that friendship through virtual world comes to an end someday and slowly I’m on the verge of loosing all my friends with whom I got friendly via these social networking websites.

Some of you might blame me that I’m unfit for being a friend of someone but I want to tell them that there are some friends who won’t agree with this statement.

Nobody is perfect and I’m for sure a “Nobody”. Every person is bad in some or the other way. I have some bad habits too and I’m not afraid to accept them. But I just hate it when someone tries to figure them out and try to teach me.I am a self-learner. I might do things in a wrong way but I always learn from my mistakes.

And now I think you did a mistake by reading this one bcoz it leads nowhere ..

Ciao … till the next one

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