Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister – Tabrik C

prisoner-jailor-prime-minister-400x400-imadruhvamefbwkzLok Sabha elections are just around the corner and there is a lot of speculation about who is going to win. Political parties have spammed internet like anything and it is getting insane by the day. For me, it has been an overdose of politics and I am sure for many others too. Amidst all this, Tabrik C’s debut book Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister came in for review. I found its blurb quite interesting and intriguing and decided to give it a shot. The story got mysterious as I turned its pages which made the book totally unputdownable for me and I finished it in a couple of hours.

Siddhartha Tagore, the protagonist of the book has just sworn in as the Prime Minster of India. He is a prodigy, a musical maestro and a genius with his own internal conflicts. His character has got various shades that are revealed as the story progresses and swings between his past and the present. Siddhartha took the seat of Prime Minister when the country is going through disturbing times. With his extremely strong opinions and views about India’s relationship with its neighbouring countries, China & Pakistan, every statement made by him creates a stir in the country.

While Siddhartha is trying to fit into this new & highly responsible role, he has his own set of enemies. People who despise him and just wish to throw him out of his chair. There begins a fascinating journey for Siddhartha that is laced with ultra menacing politics that can take any normal human being to an asylum. Many secrets from his past (from his days at Harvard where he was touted as the most valuable musician of all times) are dug and thrown out there to distort his image. He gets stuck in this mesh where everything around him seems to be falling apart and he is solely responsible for handling himself and situations around him.

I must say that Tabrik C had managed to impress with with first 50 pages of the story. The storyline was different and it was crafted carefully. He knew what he was writing about and has managed to present an intelligently written book that will take your imagination to another level. The descriptions are vivid, the language has a flair and the story is gripping. The characters stand out in the story and will linger on your mind even after you will finish the book. This book is meant to be read on a friday night. Trust me, it would prove to be a good company.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Hachette India
Genre : Fiction, Political Thriller
Price : Rs. 350/-

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