Pink Sari Revolution – Amana Fontanella Khan

This book caught my attention when the publishers (Picador India)pink-sari-revolution-400x400-imadzak4bx8cqr9b first revealed its cover on their Facebook page. I had heard about Gulaabi Gang through some newspapers while I was studying and also Anubhav Sinha (Bollywood director) is also working on a movie based on this gang. I thought of giving it a shot and thanks to the publishers who kindly acknowledged my request of sending a review copy of this book across.

The book begins with Sheelu, a seventeen year old girl who has been accused of a theft at the house of a powerful local legislator. When Sampat Pal, leader of Gulaabi Gang gets to know about this, she could smell something fishy and decides to help Sheelu and fight against the authorities and other powerful people of the area. This story becomes the backdrop of the narrative and there begins the story of Sampat Pal and how Gulaabi Gang came into existence.

Sampat was a child bride. She was married to a much older man and had her first baby when she was fifteen. She hardly knew how to read and write but didn’t had any idea about what was going on in the outside world. One thing that Sampat always stood for all through her life was injustice. As we all know the condition of law and order in the interior parts of Uttar Pradesh, specially Bundelkhand region, Sampat came across many victims of injustice and decided to help them out.

Women being considered as a weaker gender in those parts of Uttar Pradesh were treated with utmost disrespect and their problems were never taken seriously. It was Sampat Pal, a fierce, frank and courageous lady who took initiatives against the authorities and made sure that people get their due justice and continues to do so with her gang.

Gulaabi Gang came into existence through an incident when a group of women led by Sampat went to some place and one of them got lost, then it was decided among themselves that there has to be a unique dress code for them so that  the members of the gang can be identified in crowded places. After a lot of contemplation, Pink Saris were chosen as the dress code and it was mandatory for all the members to sport a pink sari during any activity, protest, meeting etc.

All this and a lot more, all you turn the pages of this book, your respect and admiration for Sampat Pal increases by many folds. In spite of having her own share of griefs, Sampat never let anyone down and always stood for what is right. The author has done an impressive job in putting everything about Gulaabi Gang in this book which makes is a compelling read. You get to know about a lot of things. My only problem with this book was that the author has used Pink Gang instead of Gulaabi Gang. She should have stuck to the original name of the group. But nonetheless, this book makes a great read and I strongly recommend it.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Picador India
Genre : Non-Fiction
Price : 599/-

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