Picture Abhi Baaki Hai – Rachel Dwyer

picture-abhi-baaki-hai-400x400-imady4xdhusv8nvbIt is always good to read books about Bollywood and how people perceive it. I am not a movie-buff but I have grown up watching Hindi movies and I am more inclined towards them any given day. I was pretty intrigued by the title and the cover of the Rachel Dwyer’s Picture Abhi Baaki Hai. I somewhat believe that cinema plays an important role in describing and cultivating a society and when I saw that Dwyer has kind of analysed Bollywood and how it serves as a guide to Modern India, I wanted to read this book and I did and end up loving it.

Picture Abhi Baaki Hai is not some fast paced non-fiction that you can gobble in a couple of hours. This book is meant to be read in your leisure time and I read it just like that. A couple of pages here and a couple of pages there. Rachel has divided this book into seven parts each catering to a different topic and let me tell you that she’s done it with utmost precision and intelligence.

After a fairly long introduction about the book explaining why she chose to write on this topic and putting in disclaimers about her opinions, the first chapter begins which is about Unity, where she talks about India, its history and how cinema came into existence and has evolved over years. She also discusses trans-nationalism in this chapter.  In the second chapter,  Dwyer has discussed Diversity where she discusses Region, Caste and Class and how Bollywood has defined all three in its own way.

The third chapter was my favourite part of the book, which is about Religion – the myths, the beliefs and its practices. Dwyer has expressed her opinions quite pragmatically in this chapter and I agree with most of them. The next three chapters were about Emotions, Home, Love, Education, Lifestyle discussed and dissected in a logical way and how hindi movies have defined all of the above and a lot more in their own way. How movies have inspired people, how movies have opened people’s minds and a lot more.

Laced with various examples of some cult movies, some screenshots that you’d instantly remember if you’ve watched those movies, Rachel Dwyer has left no stone unturned with her research in this book. A reader may disagree with her analysis and opinions but I am sure he/she will end up commenting on Dwyer’s perspective about Bollywood and the kind of knowledge she brings on table with her book. Picture Abhi Baaki Hai is definitely a guide about Bollywood and Modern India in its own way, all you have to do is keep an open mind while reading this book. I am sure you would love it like I did.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Hachette Books
Genre : Non-Fiction
Price : Rs. 499/-

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