Paperback Dreams – Rahul Saini

For me, friday night is all about quick reads. Something that’s gripping inpaperback-dreams-400x400-imadqy2b3rq4tchy nature, good or bad, I seriously don’t care. Paperback Dreams by Rahul Saini came in with an interesting blurb and I wanted to read something light and breezy as I had been reading some heavy stuff lately. Finished reading this book in three hours flat, not too impressed with how the story went but I guess its too early to make an opinion about this book as there will be a sequel to it (apologies for giving out a spoiler, couldn’t resist).

Paperback Dreams is a story about three guys, Rohit, Karun and Jeet Oberoi. Rohit and Jeet are published authors and Karun is trying to get published. All three are deal with the same publisher and have different opinions about their relationship with their publishers.

Rohit is a national bestselling author, his book is in its 22nd reprint but still he is not able to make bucks out of it. He feels that his publisher is cheating him. He is not being paid the actual royalties for his books.  He left his job in the hope that he would be able to survive on the earnings through his books but that didn’t happen and then he had to take up a job of a teacher in a college. He has a girlfriend who is too practical about situations and advises Rohit to confront his publisher but he could never do that.

Jeet is too busy in basking someone else’s glory. He got published by unfair means which gives him terrible nightmares about the truth but still he is busy touring  the country for the promotions of his latest book and that is when he meets Neeti. Neeti has her own issues with life but she decided to accompany Jeet on his promotional tours and quite a lot of happens between them.

Karun, a sixteen year old school boy is extremely ambitious. He wants to impress this girl in his school by writing a novel for her and which he successfully does to but after putting a lot at stake and doing some real despicable stuff. Karun with his partner in crime try to swing things in their own favour by using tricks that no one would approve of.

All these three tracks run parallel in the book and intersect quite a few times. Characters have been nicely developed but there is something missing that fails to convince you about them and their actions. Rahul Saini’s writing style is extremely simple and I feel anyone and everyone can read this book. The nature of the story is gripping and you will definitely turn pages but things go haywire many times and you are left with wanting for something interesting to happen. I am not too sure at this point that I would recommend this book to anyone till I read its next part. I am actually looking forward to it to know how the lives of Rohit, Jeet and Karun shape up.

Book Source : Flipkart
Publisher : Penguin Metro Reads
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 140/-

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