A Cool Dark Place – Supriya Dravid

September was a very good month in terms of reading. More because I read some […]


Because I am a girl – Seven Girls, Seven Lives

There are some books which are all about inspiring people and if I have to […]


Delhi By Heart – Raza Rumi

Having spent a good part of my life in Delhi/NCR, I still somehow feel that […]


Where The Rainbow Ends – Anurag Anand

Quick reads, at times I crave for them and out of one such cravings, I […]


Final Cut – Uday Gupt

As I have always said in my reviews that I am not too fond of […]


Fire In The Rain – Surendra Mohanty

It is always good to read good thrillers. I personally enjoy them a bit too […]


Mindrocks 2013, ROCKED !!

I know I am pretty late in posting in my experience at India Today’s Youth […]


Bankerupt – Ravi Subramanian

It was around the same time last year when I had first met Ravi. His […]


The Elephant Catchers – Subroto Bagchi

To begin with, I am highly thankful to Subroto Bagchi for writing a book like […]


My Beloved’s MBA Plans – Disha

If I have to sum up this book in one line, I would say its […]


Book Review – The Paperback Badshah – Abhay Nagarajan

With so many aspiring authors around and seeing the decisions they are taking with respect […]