The City of Devi – Manil Suri

This book came highly recommended from a lot of readers I know and while I […]

The Making of Don – Krishna Gopalan

How many times it has ever happened with you that you’ve loved a movie, watched […]

Sorting Out Sid – Yashodhara Lal

I had once heard an author saying this, “these days, books are more about preview […]

Error, Code, Love – Suman Bhattacharya

I have a problem with people who complicate things unnecessarily and this is the reason […]

Gateway : Pioche – Jeff Dawson

Before I start writing about this book, I must apologise to Jeff Dawson, the author […]

Diary Of A Reluctant Feminist – Bhavna Bhavna

The review request came in for this book and the title looked intriguing. I checked […]

Total Timepass Tech Toons – Francis Cleetus

Reading graphic novels in fun and I realised it a couple of weeks back while […]

The Hundred Names of Darkness – Nilanjana Roy

After reading a lot of reviews and hearing a lot of good things about Nilajana […]

Tales Of Fosterganj – Ruskin Bond

The reading stint for the year 2014 began with this book by one of the […]

You Adored, Me Ignored – Ambalika

120 pages and a super light read. You Adored, Me Ignored by Ambalika is a […]

A Restless Wind – Shahrukh Hussain

The sole reason behind picking this book by Shahrukh Hussain, a British writer of Pakistani […]

Pink Sari Revolution – Amana Fontanella Khan

This book caught my attention when the publishers (Picador India) first revealed its cover on […]

Brahma Dreaming – John Jackson

One fine day, someone from London wrote to me asking me whether I would like […]

Leading Ladies – Sudha Menon

There are times when you are in dire need of some inspiration and that is […]

The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton

I am still not sure about writing a review for this book. Why? As we […]

The Hunt For Kohinoor – Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

Manreet is one of my favourite Indian authors. I have read all the books written […]