Book Review – 31 – Upendra Namburi

I received a courier this afternoon when I was reading some other book. The courier […]

Book Review – The 6 P.M. Slot – Naomi Dutta

The cover of the book makes it look really cheesy but trust me it is […]

The Cubicle Manifesto – Mainak Dhar

I got this book few hours back. The title was intriguing and I picked it […]

Book Review – The Confession – John Grisham

I think I like thrillers more when it comes to fiction. I had never read […]

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Honestly, it takes too much guts to touch something like “The Godfather” and weave a […]

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“The Liberals”, I never thought I would read this title. When you think about the […]

The Great Showman – Raj Kapoor

“Jeena Yahan, Marna Yahan, Iske Siwa, Jaana Kahan“, very few people in this world understand […]

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“The Valmiki Syndrome” is quite an unusual name for the theme of the book. But, […]

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“Circle Of Three” can be tagged as the perfect example of fine weaving of the […]

A New Journey

I had always wanted a personal website and finally I’ve got one. The idea of […]

Book Review – Toke – Jugal Mody

“Toke”, let me begin the review with ROFLMAO!!  Funny most of the times, and that […]

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The Navarasa, I am sure we all know what they are, but I would like […]