One Summer : America 1927 – Bill Bryson

Bill-Bryson-One-Summer-America-1927-hardbackI remember reading an article where it was mentioned that Bill Bryson is one of the best non-fiction writers of our times and I made a note of it and thought of giving his writing a shot and I did it with One Summer. There is this thing with non-fiction that I constantly face, if I manage to sail through its first 100-150 pages, I cannot put the book down after that. Similar thing happened with One Summer. It was my weekend read and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one as it took me to the times when America perhaps was a much better place to live in i.e the summers of 1927.

It took me a while to get into this book. It alternatively focusses on Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, and Al Capone as exemplars of trend setters in 1927 amongst the other things. In the summer of 1927 Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris and a lot of other things happened. The two major things that happened in America of 1920s was Lindbergh’s flight and Babe Ruth’s record comeback season with the Yankees and the entire book revolves around these. Various disconnected subjects have been touched upon in this book by Bryson but as a reader you will not feel any disconnect with the narrative of the book.

A delightful narration that allows his fondness for the absurd and evident in a subtle way through his words. A little sly sometimes like repeatedly calling French pilot Charles Nungesser’s fiancee Consuelo Hatmaker by her full and glorious name, or anecdotes demonstrating the weirdness of the Lindbergh family will make a reader laugh out loud, I laughed a lot while reading them.

There is nothing more I can say about this book other than Bryson’s One Summer deserves to be read. It is an interesting read to say the least and will definitely force you to explore Bryson’s portfolio of books and pick some more of his works.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Doubleday
Genre : Non-Fiction
Price : Rs. 1099/-

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