One love of my life : Meditation

Meditation : ever since I have started doing it I think I have grown up as a human being.It gives me self satisfaction,food for thought and peace of mind which is very important to me.I have become calm , easy going and organized. I started doing it when I was in class 10th and since then it has bought a lot of changes in my lifestyle.

Though I’m not a regular meditation doer , but I try to do it daily before I sleep. I analyze myself what I did today good or bad , wrong or right and I promise myself to never repeat those mistakes again.

For me, it is a way to reunite all my energy, senses and boost up my confidence level for taking up ever coming new challenges for the next day, that’s why I prefer doing it before I sleep at the end of the day.

For me meditation doesn’t mean that I should sit in a proper posture for 2-3 hours and concentrate on my mind.It is just a regular activity which I do for 10-15 minutes before sleeping.

People get fascinated by this term very easily but to be honest it is not easy to concentrate on one single thing at a time for a human being.We all know that our mind never stops working, the day it stopped working it will mark a full stop to your life cycle.

A brain who is regulating each and every system of body has got a lot of stuff to think about and bringing that into focus of one thing is not easy at all.But if u succeed in that , mark my words, you’ll feel that you’re on top or world.No one can harm you and your self-confidence increases exponentially.

Though meditation won’t affect the physical fitness of your body but it will definitely improve the mental fitness and according to me

A great mind is the source of a great body.

Try it out and share your experiences here with me……

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