One Life Is Not Enough – K. Natwar Singh

One_Life_Is_Not_Enough_Book_Cover_PageI have always enjoyed reading autobiographies. Reading an autobiography comes with its own repercussions. You could end up loving it and can’t stop raving about it and at times, you just feel like putting it down but still finish it because you want to know why this book is being discussed so much. One Life Is Not Enough clearly fell into the second category. I had no interest in knowing anything about Natwar Singh’s life, though I was interested in knowing what he had to say about Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh.

The book begins with Singh describing his childhood and everything about it which definitely took a toll on my senses as a reader. At times, I was like, come on, move this story,  I want to know what happened next. It was slow, dull and many a times, I had second thoughts about whether to spend my time with the book or not. As I move forward, the chapters in which Natwar Singh becomes a diplomat and then India’s External Affairs Minister in the UPA government, that’s when the book garnered some pace, however, the content was definitely not impressive. I found it half-baked and felt like is this book some kind of PR exercise that has been done?

Anyway, I just wanted to finish this book and then came the parts about Sonia Gandhi and why Manmohan Singh was made the PM in 2004. Something I was looking forward to read. Though, a lot more could have been said about the entire topic but Singh just spoiled it by playing it to the gallery and left me thoroughly disappointed. I don’t know whether to recommend this book to someone or not, I would just say, read it and decide for yourself. You may like it or not.

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Publisher : Rupa Books
Genre : Autobiography
Price :  Rs. 500/-

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