Old is always Gold ……..

Suddenly dont know why, Today, I started listening to old songs like anything … may be thats because I heard this song “Jawan Hai Mohabbat”on TV while having lunch today and started humming it since that time.

And when I sat in front of my favourite gadget “My Laptop” which needs to be upgraded soon,
the first thing which I did was opened up Mozilla and typed www.youtube.com and search for the song mentioned above.

As soon as I got the original song, I played it on top of its volume and listened to it 4-5 times… Crazyyy Me 😛 😛

When I was preparing for my 10th boards, I used to study whole night. Coffee and Music, these two things kept me going.

In those days, I was very fond of fast pace songs(though I’m addicted to them till now) and used toplay them very loud till the wee hours of morning, disturbing everyone around my house ( my neighbours, they are meant for this thing only )and especially my parents.

I used to think that bollywood music is for Jerks.

But, when my board exams got over, the first thing that my father told me that “You must try old hindi songs, your concentration level will definitely increase”.Well, one thing is there, Parents are the best advisers. So, as an obidient son, I followed my father’s advice and switched over to oldies.

My father is very fond of music and has got a vast collection of old bollywood songs. You name a song and he has it, that defines his passion for music.

So, he gave me a few cassettes from his collection to listen to and all of them contained the very famous songs of old times.

When I was a kid (though I’m a kid now also) :P, my mom tells me that I was very fond of this song “Mera naam Chin Chin Chu”, so my dad gave me the same cassette having this song and which I used to play whenever I used to study.

In the beginning, they used to bore me a lot, I used to sleep while listening to them …. but then a superb bollywood twist came which suddenly changed everything. Now I was able to put more concentration on things and grab them easily while studying. My performance increased in an exponential order … well thats how I started loving old songs and always play them whenever I do something which needs my full concentration.

I have no favourites among old time musicians and if you’ll ask me about them I would be as blank as a plain white A4 sized sheet taken out from a fresh rim.

But, still I love them and will always love them …..

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