No Man’s Land – Nilesh Shrivastava

no-man-s-land-400x400-imadpzgbphyh9khpLet me start this post by quoting Mark Twain “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” and this is what explains the basis of Nilesh Shrivastava’s debut book No Man’s Land. The cover of the book is intriguing and its blurb will definitely push you to pick the book up.

The plot of the book goes something like this. Agastya, the protagonist of the book is an intelligent man. He observes, thinks, evaluates everything that life throws towards him and then goes with what his heart says. A man of his word, Agastya is one character in the book that will invoke various emotions in you as a reader. Agastya is living the last few days of his life and he thinks that it is the right time to pass the legacy to its rightful owners. Here enters Pranay & Karan, Agastya’s sons who have their own history with their father.

Shashwat plays Agastya’s confidante and shadow throughout his life and helps him in taking decisions and acting upon them. Both Agastya and Shashwat live in a 50 acre farm right outside Delhi that comes in the territory of commercially booming Gurgaon in the late 1990s. Both of them spend them lives in nurturing and protecting this farm from various hawk eyes who wish to buy it by hook or by crook and turn it into another centre for commercial activities.

For me, this book was all about its characters. Well developed and well imbibed in the story. Its not the situations in the book that take the story forward, its the characters that make this book what it is. Nilesh Shrivastava has done a fantastic job as a debut author and he is someone to be watch out for. No man’s land has a tight and racy plot that will make you sit straight and will force you to finish the book in a single sitting.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint
Genre : Fiction
Price : 250/-

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