National Author Mentorship Contest

I have been reading a lot of debut authors lately but very few of them have managed to impress me. I personally think that there is a major lack of guidance somewhere and hence what I ( and others ) get to read is half-cooked stuff. Also, I have said this in one of the book reviews that I have posted here on my blog that looks like writing a book has become more of a fashion than passion these days.

One of the authors I met recently S.V. Divvaakar has come up with an interesting initiative for all the young and aspiring authors. It’s called the “National Author Mentorship Contest” The details of this contest can be read here

The panel of judges also includes some of the prominent names of the publishing industry who would be mentoring the authors with various aspects of publishing and marketing of their books.

I personally think that this initiative would help a lot of aspiring authors in many ways. Give it a shot if you have written a book, you might get to learn a thing or two! 🙂

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  1. I have been following your blog and it is a privilege for aspiring writers to read someone who speaks straight, talks what he means and comes up with reviews which not only make for a good reading but also help to learn and grow. The above post is an example. Thanks.

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