My Encounter With The Taj Conspiracy

My previous post was about the launch and blogger’s meet of the book “The Taj Conspiracy” by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar. I received the book by courier on the very same day when the book was supposed to be launched in the evening. Before going to the event, I thought, I would read a few chapters so as to equip myself with some knowledge that would help me in the discussion and Q&A session with the author.
Honestly, I had never heard Manreet’s name till team Westland Books told me about the book. During my brief research on the internet about the author, I came across her blog and was pretty impressed with the way she had written some of the posts. So, I started with the book and in the first few pages only, a murder happened. That gave me a strong intuition that this is going to be one roller coaster ride and as the story progressed my intuition turned out to be true. I thought I would finish the book in 2-3 days but due to work pressure and some commitments I couldn’t do so. 
One thing that I kept tweeting and telling my friends about the book was the research part of it. On my recommendation, few of my friends bought the book and told me that the plot was somewhat similar to “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown but they agreed on the fact that Manreet has done a vast and strong research for this book. The most impressive part of the book is the schematic representation of the Taj Mahal complex given at the start. I am sure most of us who have visited Taj Mahal quite a few times must not be knowing about the things revealed in the book. The way the architecture and the stories about Taj Mahal have been explained by the writer, I developed a strong urge to visit the place again and see all those things by myself and that I am surely gonna do that soon. 
Coming to the characters of the book, Mehrunisa Khosa, the protagonist of the book, is a strong woman who is well read, well travelled, wise, straight forward and a fearless person. Her power to observe and dissect things adds more to her character. At times, you feel like in what mess has this poor scholar who is already so troubled with her life has landed into. All the other important characters are Professor Kaul, Pamposh Pandit, R.P Singh, SSP Raghav, Dr.Raj Bhushan, Shri Kriplani. All these characters have been defined so well, that at times, you start feeling that you have seen such people somewhere.
All I can say is, this book is worth reading, at times it might confuse you. (Yes, I did get confused in between) but towards the end the author has tied up all the loose ends, which only a perfect story teller can do. Apart from that, this book is not recommended for people who have just developed a passion for reading. But, yes at a later stage, one must not miss out on it. I am impressed with the way Manreet has narrated the whole plot, that very soon I’m gonna start reading another book written by her which is “The Long Walk Home” and will definitely review it here.

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