My Autobiography – Sir Alex Ferguson

my-autobiography-400x400-imadpvfkupmzphvgI love reading biographies and autobiographies for a simple fact that they teach me something. I have always gained a thing or two whenever I have read a biography. I decided to read Sir Alex’s biography mainly because of twitter and some crazy Manchester United Football Club fans that I have on my timeline. They worship him like anything and whenever their team is playing a match, you can see their enthusiasm and excitement on twitter.

Recently, when Sir Alex announced his retirement, all the football fans on my timeline and twitter were in a state of shock and sadness. Though everyone had seen it coming but people love Sir Alex so much that digesting such a news was tough for them. Then came Sir Alex’s last match at Manchester United’s home ground at Old Trafford and then his last match as the manager of Manchester United Football Club and everyone said it was the end of an era and it felt like so when I saw him walking on the ground for one last time on TV. What a massive and emotional send off it was.

Reading My Autobiography by Sir Alex was a sheer delight. I was hooked to it from the word go and so much that I carried the book with me wherever I went, even on business trips as well. Sir Alex has poured his heart out in these 416 pages of his book. Right from what made him to take the decision of retirement to how he broke the news to various people and how it affected him and everyone in the team directly or indirectly.

The book tells his journey from the tough shipyard areas of Govan to being one of the most celebrated people in the field of football. His rendezvous with the game and his love for it. How he made Manchester United Football Club what it is today. Him being a tough taskmaster and a complete no non-sense person on field and off-field. Every single memory about most interesting happenings on the field has been jotted down in such a way that a reader would find it really tough to put this book down. His equation with various present and ex-players of the club and how Cristiano Ronaldo was an excellent player and David Beckham consider him as a father figure in his life.

I personally felt that the achievements of this man are too big to be summarised in a book. His whole life is an inspiration and his wit is something that will keep tickling you throughout the book. What makes this book extremely interesting is he has written his conversations with people too. The narrative and the flow of the book is such that you feel like you are sitting with him and listening to him telling about his life as a story. I strongly recommend this book to every person who has a knack of reading and has an iota of interest in the game of football, you will feel content and happy when you’ll finish reading the book. Like I did.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
Genre : Autobiography
Price : Rs. 1299/-

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