ME ???

As this is my first blog entry,it should be about me only.

Some people say i m obsessed about myself,well yea,that’s true and that can be seen in my blog’s title also “Me About My thoughts“.

Writing a blog came many times in my mind,but dunno what went wrong everytime ,may be my laziness or i could not gather enough things to put up here.
But in last one year, i saw many things,many ups and downs but all that i have to say “Life moves on, and we have to keep moving with it,no matter how life treats you”

People come in your life,they make an important place in your heart,and suddenly something happens and they get lost.

In past one year i lost two of my very good friends,one of them committed suicide and i still can’t figure out why.The day before i met him , as always he was chirpy,never stop giggling,joked with me to the fullest,and the next morning when i woke up,something felt unusual,which made me uneasy.
I got up from my bed,my mom came to me and said “He is no more”.I could not believe it at that moment but nothing could have been done about it at that time.
When i see his family members now,my heart gets choked,their eyes,their faces always have this question,why he did this to himself.But no one is there to answer there questions.

It took me several days to accept the fact that he is no more with us,but as i said before life moves on but

I miss you man, and you owe me a reason why u did this.

Things which makes me think about myself are my Outspoken nature and being too Straight Forward.

Is it bad being straight forward with everyone,but thats in my nature and i can’t help it.
I cannot change myself for anyone and don’t expect the same from others.
But there is something called as mutual understanding,which should be there between two people,which I guess I can’t develop with most of the people I meet.

Thats a fault in me,i accept,but is it because of my Outspokeness or being too Straight Forward.
and another question which comes in my mind does mutual understanding depends on me only ?

People say i like straight forward people,but why can’t they take it if someone says something on their face.

Another thing which people say is bad about me is “He is very ADAMANT”.
I ask those people who know me very well,am I ?Or i just keep my points so well in front of others which they can’t handle and coined this thing about me being Adamant.

I always talk about facts,having reasons behind everything.But someone said to me , there are always two sides of a coin and you should see the other side too.What i say to them is first see my side of coin,discuss it,then i’ll see yours and will discuss it too.(Me strikes here again)

According to me,Doing multiple things at a time leads to mess .

I always try to give my best in every possible thing,be it studies,friendship,job or any task being given to me.But I also expect some credits for this also,not because i need them,just want them because i can perform even better next time.

Enough of me i guess.
For more keep checking my blog.
Thanks to everyone for taking out time to read this piece of ………


5 thoughts on “ME ???

  1. i see, so this lad has become a blogger now.good for u i guess.
    the work is appreciable.
    Sorry to hear about yr frnd.May his soul find solace in god’s arms.
    Yatin……you r being too cynical of life n people around u.Is everything OK.i hope it is.
    Another thing is just when u started teliing about yrself the blog got over.
    some more thoughts would have ended it well.
    demanding apolgy for being critical

  2. hey man …………….
    dats a nice one….
    may this go on and on.wat u hav done is really commendable….n ya u didn’t tell us bout ur plz do tell bout him …
    n ya god bless u …keep on going..

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