Mango Cheeks, Metal Teeth – Aruna Nambiar

mango-cheeks-metal-teeth-400x400-imadqpgghwzgfhhgMango Cheeks, Metal Teeth, a pretty fascinating title, I must say has an equally heartwarming book cover. A light fictional story set in Kerala, in the times when Sridevi used to rule the box office and Kapil Dev was yet to retire. This book will take you down a memory lane where you would reminiscence about summer vacations and how you used to look forward to them through the rest of the year. Aruna Nambiar, the author has chosen a topic which everyone can relate to and has weaved a story that charms you and makes you laugh out loud at times.

The book is about two families. Geetha, a eleven year old who is just too excited for her vacations to start so that she can visit her cousins and spend her days the way she wants. Sleeping till late, bathing whenever she wants to, visit the beaches, lazy afternoons or at times, spending the entire afternoon playing with her cousins, she wants to do all this and a lot more.

Finally, the much awaited vacations arrive and Geetha visits her cousins but things don’t turn out the way she expected or planned. She meets Babu and life never remained same for both of them. Her vacations turn out to be a time when she and Babu lose their innocence and ignorance in a series of events.

Aruna Nambiar’s coming of age story definitely touches a chord with the reader but the books come with a set of two problems. One, too many malayali words for my liking. Having the glossary in the end didn’t help me much as turning the pages hindered the flow of reading and second, way too many characters which left me confused at times. Overall, the book is worth giving a short just because of its subject and Aruna’s writing.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 350/-

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