Love Potion Number 10 – Betsy Woodman

love-potion-number-10-400x400-imadzjdpgh5hz7hvI had read Jana Bibi’s Excellent Fortunes, the first book by the author of the Jana Bibi’s Adventure series and it was an impressing piece of work. I have been telling this to a lot of people lately that Betsy Woodman’s writing has a certain sense of calmness which leaves you satisfied and wanting for more at the same time when you finish reading her book. Jana Bibi’s Excellent Fortunes was a lovely read and the second book of the series that has been recently released, Love Potion Number 10 is again a very sweet book and I absolutely loved reading it.

Set in the 1960’s in a fictional town named Hamara Nagar somewhere in Uttarakhand India, this time Hamara Nagar has been rocked by a scandal. A threat of being flooded by a planned government dam. Also a potential kidnapping of Mr. Ganguly, her parrot that puts Jana’s house on the edge.

Once the matter settles down, Jana’s life is rocked by another hiatus which is the appearance of an old flame and the intoxicating elixir Love Potion Love 10 and all she sees and experiences these days is love and connections.¬†Almost everyone in her house feels that Jana needs to get married and enters Max King, thanks to Jana’s friends Lily and Cyrus and there begins another stint for Jana.

Betsy Woodman, the author has done it again with Love Potion Number 10. Her simple writing style and carefully carved characters would make a reader love everything that this book has got to offer. The book brings good cheer when it finishes and you feel content when you finish reading it. Driven by nostalgia and plain simple narrative, thumbs up to Love Potion Number 10. This book would make a perfect afternoon read on a nice cold day. Do give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Vintage Books, Random House India
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 299/-

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