Love Kills – Ismita Tandon

love-kills-400x400-imadrrz8hrek2u9vI had read Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon and had quite like the book though it had left me disgusted. It was a well written book with some shocking facts as it was based on a true story. Ismita’s latest offering is Love Kills and I must say her writing style has improved with this one and with Love Kills she has come with a tighter plot and a more gripping story.

In the small town of Monele, there is a de-addiction centre for the rich and famous people called Thy-Will. It is run by Johnny Will, son of an alcoholic father who died under mysterious circumstances. Johnny comes across as a arrogant and brash person but he is good at what he does and selects his clientele on his own. He is engaged to Mira Kermani who is the daughter of the richest and most influential person in the town. Mira and Johnny share a wonderful relationship but understand strange circumstances, Mira is found dead due to an overdose of morphine. Sera, Johnny’s colleague who secretly loves him too and Zac, Johnny’s half brother try their best to save Johnny from Officer Ray who suspects that Johnny has murdered Mira.

On the other hand, Johnny’s aunt Adele is trying her best to get the inheritance for her son, Zac. Several characters having their own agendas make Love Kills the book it is. It is racy and what stands out about the book is that the story is told from each character’s perspective in different chapters. As you turn pages, the intrigue factor of the story increases and the author has successfully managed to save the best for the last. Love Kills is a well written thriller and is definitely worth giving a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Harper Collins India
Genre : Fiction, Thriller
Price : Rs. 299/-

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